Membership Rules

These necessary rules and regulations have been created to provide all members and their guests with a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience on every visit. The contents also form part of your membership agreement with us.

We may make reasonable changes to these rules at any time by displaying changes on a Club noticeboard. If we make a significant permanent change to the opening hours or facilities available, you may cancel your membership with effect from the date of the change. Please refer to your Membership Agreement for details of refunds available.

(Please note the local variation of Membership Rules at Roko Chiswick Bridge in section 3. All other rules are consistent among all Roko clubs.)

1. Membership Cards

1.1 Membership cards are issued to all members, except infants, and must be presented to the Club on each visit.

1.2 Lost cards will be replaced at a cost of £5 each. If it is due to theft, they will be replaced free of charge if a crime number is supplied.

1.3 Failing to produce a membership card on 3 consecutive occasions will result in compulsory replacement of the card at a cost of £5.00.

2. Guests

2.1 Only members aged over 18 may introduce guests to the Club, subject to the payment of the relevant charge.

2.2 Members must always accompany their guests in the Club and are responsible for their conduct.

2.3 All guests must register in full at reception. Failure to do so may result in refusal of entry.

2.4 Social guests can be introduced free of charge.

2.5 A member may sign in a maximum of 4 guests at any one time.

2.6 The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any person as a guest, at its sole discretion. Examples include:

• Former expelled members

• Anyone with an application for membership rejected.

• Suspended Members

2.7 All current status Roko members are entitled to use other Roko Health Clubs as part of their membership as per their home club usage rights. Please note that there is one  exceptions to this:

• Roko Gillingham, Nottingham and York members must pay £10.00 per visit to use Roko Chiswick Bridge.

3. Infants, Juniors, Youths and Young Adult Members

3.1 Children aged 0 – 11 years must be actively supervised by an adult member at all times.

3.2 Children aged 0 – 11 are not permitted to use the Fitness Arena or general studio timetable classes.

3.3 Children aged 0 – 15 years may use the Club leisure facilities from 9am to 6.30pm, changing rooms until 7pm and the Club Lounge area until 8.00pm.
3.3 Roko Chiswick Bridge local variation: Children aged 0 – 15 years may use the Club leisure facilities Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 3pm to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 6.00pm, up to 6.30pm in changing rooms and club lounge.

3.4 Children aged 0 – 15 are not permitted to use the sauna, spa or steam areas at any time.

3.5 Children aged 12 – 15 may use the pool area unsupervised during lifeguarded periods until 6.30pm only.  The set lifeguarded periods are displayed within the Club.
3.5 Roko Chiswick Bridge local variation: Children aged 12 – 15 may use the pool area unsupervised only during lifeguarded periods.  The set lifeguarded periods are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3pm to 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm, though these are subject to change.

3.6 Children aged 12 – 15 may use the fitness arena unsupervised or supervised until 6.30pm, only following a fitness consultation and a Roko wrist band must be worn. A Roko wrist band is only issued following a fitness consultation, replacement wrist bands are charged at £2.
3.6 Roko Chiswick Bridge local variation: Children aged 12 – 15 may use the fitness arena unsupervised or supervised Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 3pm to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm, only following a fitness consultation and a Roko wrist band must be worn.  A Roko wrist band is only issued following a fitness consultation, replacement wrist bands are charged at £2.

3.7 Children aged 12 – 15 may use the studios in teen, youth and family classes as indicated on club timetables, only following a fitness consultation.

3.8 Children aged 16 – 17 may use the Club facilities unaccompanied at any time, except the Fitness Arena where unsupervised access at any time is only allowed following a fitness consultation.

3.9 No person under the age of 18 years may use the sunbeds.

3.10 The Club may offer supervised activities where adult member supervision is not required.

3.11 Special evening time extensions may be made for family events/sessions and prior note of extensions will be displayed within the Club.

3.12 Children must use the same sex changing room after their 7th birthday or change with their family in the disabled/family changing facilities.

3.13 Additional access restrictions may apply to specific facilities and ages of children at named times of day. Please refer to club timetables for specific information.

4. Your General Health & Safety

4.1 The Company may, at any time, withdraw all or part of a facility for any period or periods and with or without notice in connection with any cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance work or for any reasons beyond their control.

4.2 Members and guests are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities if they have reservations as to their physical condition without seeking medical advice in advance. All members must undergo an initial assessment and a basic supervised induction before using the Gymnasium or Fitness Studio equipment and to do otherwise is at their own risk.

4.3 Only sealed plastic drinking containers are permitted in any training area.

4.4 In the interests of hygiene members and guests are requested to wipe down all equipment after use.

4.5 No crockery, glass or food is permitted in the changing rooms, fitness arena or studios, racquet sport, football or swimming pool areas.

4.6 No pets are permitted in the Club buildings with the exception of registered guide dogs.

4.7 The main entrance to the Club must be used when entering or leaving. Alarmed fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interest of safety and must only be used in an emergency.

4.8 In the event of a fire, members and their guests must use the nearest available exit following the direction of staff.

4.9 Parking is only permitted in designated parking bays. The Club may clamp vehicles incorrectly parked and charge for their removal. This includes misuse of disabled and parent and child parking areas.

4.10 Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Club.

4.11 Roko will not accept liability for the personal property of members or their guests.

4.12 The Club reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse to store any such personal property.

4.13 Roko cannot accept any liability for injury to any member or guest that may occur on the premises or within the grounds of the Club, other than liability which may arise from the negligence of the Company, its staff or its agents.

4.14 Any member who suffers an accident on the Club grounds must report it to the General Manager immediately.

4.15 The soft play area provided in the Club lounge should only be used under adult/parental supervision.

5. Crèche Facilities (where applicable)

5.1 The crèche is available, subject to booking, for children aged up to their 5th birthday, for a maximum period of time in any 1 session. Please refer to the operator in club for specific ages and times.

5.2 Parents/Guardians must remain on site at all times while their children are in the crèche.

5.3 Parents/Guardians must provide all nappies, baby creams, wipes and drinks required during the child’s visit. No food is allowed in the children’s facilities, other than that provided by the Club.

5.4 Parents/Guardians who leave their children must also be present to collect them. Another person may only collect a child when specific arrangements have been made prior to the child being left.

5.5 Children must not be brought into the crèche if suffering from any infectious illness or condition.

5.6 Roko reserves the right to amend the conditions of crèche facilities, in accordance with any legislative requirements.

6. Booking Facilities and Services

6.1 Advance bookings may be made by telephone or in person, for certain facilities, according to local member needs. All bookings must be confirmed on arrival.

6.2 Fees, where applicable, must be paid before the use of the relevant facility.

6.3 Cancellations received within 24 hours will incur the full facility charge.

6.4 Members who consistently no show or cancel bookings to the detriment of other members can have their booking privileges suspended for up to 14 days at a time and/or a £5 charge applied for every instance.

7. Dress Code

7.1 Members and guests must wear a form of dress as deemed appropriate by the Club management to the time of day and place on all occasions.

7.2 Only non marking tennis and squash footwear is permitted on court.

7.3 No training vests, leotards or bra tops should be worn on racquet courts.

7.4 Training tops, shorts/leggings and suitable shoes are required in the Fitness Arena.

7.5 Aerobics clothing, armless T shirts, swimsuits, cut off denims and soiled sports clothing are not permitted in the Club Lounge.

8. Coaching and Personal Training

8.1 All coaching and personal training is controlled by the Club. No other coaching or personal training is permitted without the prior written consent from the General Manager.

9. Swimming Areas

9.1 Access to swimming areas is only by designated routes.

9.2 No running, jumping or diving is allowed in the pool or spa areas.

9.3 In the interests of hygiene; please shower before using the pools, ensure babies and small children wear aqua nappies and use overshoes provided if wearing shoes on poolside.

9.4 No inflatables are permitted in the pool area other than those provided by the Club during designated periods.

9.5 Radios, walkmans and any items the Club considers to be detrimental to the use of the pool areas are not permitted

9.6 Appropriate swimwear must be worn.

9.7 The laned areas are reserved for adult only swimming and swimming lessons.

9.8 The pool is not under constant supervision; however poolside supervision is provided at times considered by the club to be busy periods. When the pool is not supervised members use the pool area under their own cognisance. Notices and advice issued by the lifeguards are for member’s safety and must be adhered to.

9.9 During certain periods of the day, areas or all of the pool may be set aside for specific use such as family or adult only swimming, aqua classes and swimming lessons. Please see local timetables for specific details and conditions.

10. Saunas, Steam Rooms and Spa Areas

10.1 Members and guests with the following conditions are advised not to use the saunas, steam rooms and spa areas - Low/high blood pressure, cardiac irregularities, asthma and pregnancy. If there is any doubt your General Practitioner should be consulted.

10.2 Please shower before and after using the sauna, spa or steam areas.

10.3 Swimming costumes must be worn in the sauna, steam and spa areas.

10.4 For safety reasons no person should spend more than 10 to 15 minutes in a sauna, steam room or spa.

10.5 Shaving is not permitted in the spa, sauna or steam rooms.

10.6 See rule 3.9

11. Sunbeds

11.1 Members and guests must familiarise themselves with the sunbed leaflets and complete the questionnaire issued by the Club prior to their first session.

11.2 Members must obtain doctors consent before using the sunbeds whilst they are undergoing a course of medical treatments.

11.3 In the interest of safety members will be limited to the number of sunbeds they can have in any one period. Details are listed on the sunbed information leaflet.

11.4 When using the sunbeds appropriate goggles must be worn at all times.

11.5 Members and guests are requested to clean the sunbeds, before and after their use, with the fluid provided.

11.6 See rule 3.5

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