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Roko York Gym

You'll be amazed at the vast range of equipment in our state of the art fitness arena all chosen to ensure you get the best workout possible.

There’s over 10,000 sq ft of floor space which has been designed to include varied training zones such as cardio, strength circuits, rowing, boxing, free training, free weights and stretching, as well as a consultation area where you can meet with your fitness consultant and review your programme.

Enjoy the interactive consoles on our Life Fitness Discovery equipment with music and movies on demand as well as access to the internet, online games and all your favourite social network channels.

Personal Training

Personal Training at Roko York means something different to everyone. Whether you are training for a particular event, have weight loss goals, fitness aims, or health and lifestyle ambitions, Personal Training can help you.

By providing motivation, inspiration and support, Roko York personal trainers will help you achieve your goals more quickly than you thought possible.

Personal Training is great value and is within reach of everyone. You can book a taster set of 3 sessions, 6 sessions or a results package of 10 sessions. So take advantage of our superb personal training packages and get the most from your membership.

Roko Personal Trainers are friendly and approachable but the most important decision is choosing the best one for you. Each of our Trainers has specific areas of expertise, additional training and qualifications so for advice on who will suit you best, just ask any member of the Fitness team or see the trainer profiles in club.


Integrated TV, ipod connectivity / charging, heart rate monitors and programmes galore feature on our top of the range Cardio kit and all help to keep you entertained while you boost your fitness to new levels.

With your heart powering your entire body its essential you keep it in the best shape and the variety of treadmills, cycles, cross trainers, summits and rowers at Roko York will give you the variety you need to stay on track.


Fixed resistance machines help strengthen and tone your muscles safely target the right body areas to meet your goals.

Free Training Zone

Unique to Roko is our dedicated free training zone. Filled with various specialist equipment it will help you make the most of your training sessions and add variety to your workouts enabling you to take your goals to another level.

► The cable machine is multi-dimensional strength training which allows for an endless variety of exercises that build balance, stability, and power
► The multi platform allows for explosive lateral training as well as rehabilitation work by using the height and angle adjustments
► The multi level plyometric platforms help develop explosive power and speed, as you get challenged to jump over, on and around them
► Kettlebells are one of the most effective means of developing strength as your body fights to stabilise throughout each movement

These and more fantastic products such as free weights, balance boards, medicine balls and fitness balls can be found in our free training zone; each one giving you greater versatility so you don’t get bored as you constantly learn new techniques and build your confidence to progress through higher performance levels.

Functional Zone

Functional training is all about doing exercises that mimic your daily routines to make you stronger and more flexible in ways that you really need.

At Roko York you can use Kettlebells, , resistance tubes, suspension training, cables, wobble boards and much more besides. We can’t promise to make you into the 6 million dollar man (or woman!) but we can help make you better, stronger, faster…..

Free weights

Core stability is the key to benefiting with free weights as you use your full range of muscle movement to control your workout routine. Dumbells, Barbells, Olympic bars, Kettlebells and more are all available to your strength training onwards and upwards.


Good, good, good, good vibrations….

Vibration training helps to improve circulation and strength from short bursts of activity supplemented by high frequency vibrations on the platform.

Power Plate® machines vibrate when you exercise, increasing the acceleration on the body up to 6 times the force of gravity, and activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second.

This Acceleration Training™ works all the muscles in the body simultaneously. When different parts of the body are put in contact with the platform in various exercise positions, vibrations are transferred to the working muscles.

By holding a pose for up to 60 seconds at a time, multiple muscle groups are activated simultaneously to stretch, tone or strengthen.

By working out in this way, you can stimulate different muscle groups far more effectively than standard resistance training and great results can be achieved in just three, 15 minute sessions a week.

Acceleration Training exercise is low impact and gentle enabling anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level, to benefit without putting strain on joints or other parts of the body.

Suspension Training

Suspension Training allows you to use your own body weight as resistance to build to aid the development of strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.


Use the cable machines on their own or in combination for a full body workout that enables your functional training to go so much further.

By having to control your muscles in their full range of movement you gain better core stability and strength in the everyday routines you need.


Strength and toning is not all about using weights, free, fixed or otherwise. Much of your everyday life will be affected by your flexibility, or lack of it, and that’s where stretch comes in.

Floorwork, swiss balls, pads and rollers are just some of the equipment available for you to use.

Contact Roko York

Main Reception: 01904 699 740

Membership Sales: 01904 699 750

Beauty Spa: 01904 476 391

First Steps Nursery: 01904 693 007

PlayFootball: 0845 257 9000

How to find us

Stirling Road
Clifton Moor
YO30 4TU

Opening hours

Monday 6:00am - 10:00pm
Tuesday 6:00am - 10:00pm
Wednesday 6:30am - 10:00pm
Thursday 6:30am - 10:00pm
Friday 6:30am - 10:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays 8:00am - 8:00pm

The club will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day; plus opening hours will be reduced over the Festive and Easter periods.    

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