Roko APP - Frequently Asked Questions

APP Account Access/Sign Up

Signing Up

Q: What do I need to create an account?
A: To create an account in the app you will need to enter your Member ID and PIN. 

Q: I forgot my Member ID.
A: Please contact your club who will be happy to provide your Member ID to you, alternatively your Member ID is contained in most emails sent to your by Roko. 

Q: I forgot my PIN.
A: Please select “Forgot PIN?” under the login button.  Then enter your Member ID and you will be sent a PIN reset email to your Roko registered email address. 

Q: I’m not able to be found in the system.
A: You may have entered the wrong Member ID or PIN please try again and if unsuccessful please contact your Club.

Account Access

Q: I am requesting a new PIN, but am not receiving the forgot PIN email.
A: Please check your clutter and junk folders in your emails.  Also please note that you can only receive emails from Roko if your have a valid email address registered with Roko.  Please contact your Club to check the email address registered for you.


Q: How do I log a Workout?
A: Firstly you need to be registered in the Your Workouts tile for a linked eGym account.  Once this is completed there are three ways to record a workout.

1.The first is a “Manual Entry”. Here, you will open the “Your Workouts” tile and select “Track Workout”. This will allow you to pick the type of workout and track the duration, distance, and calories burned. You can also create multiple workout routines in the "My Workouts" section.

2. You can also use xCapture. This allows you to take a picture of the display on cardio equipment once you finish your workout, and it will automatically upload to the app!

3. You can also use a number of third party apps and trackers such as FitBit and MyFitnessPal. The full list of these can be found in the "Connected Apps" tile. 

If your club has connected Matrix fitness equipment you sign in on each piece of kit before each exercise and your Matrix workout will automatically be added to your workout history.  

Q: What is an xCapture?
A: xCapture is a way to record your workout. To use xCapture, please open the “Record a Workout” tile, followed by “xCapture”. This allows you to take a picture of the cardio machine display and this workout will automatically upload into the app. Please make sure your camera is allowed under your phone’s settings. xCapture will not work if you do not have adequate service or WiFi connection.

Q: My camera button is greyed out when trying to submit an xCapture.
A: Allowing the camera is a permission you are asked when you first download the app. If you did not allow the permission initially, don’t worry! Please open your phone’s settings, scroll down until you see your gym’s app, select the app, and toggle the camera permission so that it is “on”.

Q: How do I edit/delete a workout?
A: You can edit your workouts in the “Your Workouts” tab. Select the workout entry and choose Edit or delete from the three dots at the top right.

Q: I don’t workout on cardio equipment but want to track my workouts. How do I do that?
A: No problem, use the “Manual” entry feature under “Record a Workout” and enter in your workouts by day. You can also link 3rd party tracking apps and devices to your account under the “Connected Apps” tab to automatically track workouts.

Q: What if I don’t want my workouts highlighted on the Activity Feed?
A: Please go to the “Side Menu” and under “Privacy” where you can control your profile settings.

Q: The “Roko Workouts” tile does not show any workout plans?
A: The “Roko Workouts” tile is populated by your Fitness Coach following a rokofit. sessions. To book a rokofit. session use the “YOUR ROKOFIT” tile or call your Club to book or book at reception on your next visit.

Connected Apps/Devices

Q: What apps/devices can I connect with?
A: For a full list of apps to connect with, please visit the “Connected Apps” tile.

Q: I don’t see my favourite connected app/device, are you adding more?
A: We are continuously adding more. Please let us know your favourite so we can add it to the list. Email:

Q: How do I connect other apps/devices?
A: Please open the “Connected Apps” tile and select “link” next to the app you wish to connect. You will then be guided to a screen where you will log into your connected app account.

Q: Can I link more than one 3rd party app and device?
A: Yes, you can link multiple apps/devices and they will all track.

Q: My workouts are duplicating.
A: If two connected apps are linked to each other and linked to your Netpulse account you will see duplicate workouts in your workouts tab because both sources will send data to Netpulse.

Q: I don’t see my 3rd party app summary on the “Dashboard” page. Are my accounts linked?
A: Try a few steps to ensure your account is linked properly:

Log out and sign back into your 3rd party app account
Log out of the App and sign back in
Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears in the app. Still having problems? Email for assistance.

Goals and Challenges FAQ

Q: How do I Create a Goal?
A: You can create a personal goal by accessing the Goal Center section of the app. Here, it will allow you to pick your goal type, target and duration.

Q: Can I have multiple goals at once?
A: No, you can set only one goal at a time.

Q: Can I create a goal for me and my friend?
A: No, this is your personal workout tracking account. If you attend the same gym with your friend, you can, both, join a challenge created by the club.

Q: How long does a challenge last?
A: Please visit the challenge page on the App to view the challenge details or you can visit the front desk at your home club.

Q: What if I am on holiday during the challenge but still want to participate?
A: You can participate on the go! Link to your 3rd party apps/devices (Fitbit, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, etc.) under the “Connected Apps” tab.

Q: Can I participate in more than one challenge?
A: Absolutely, join as many as you’d like.

Q: My workouts are missing from the challenge.
A: Please be sure you snap a photo of the cardio machine with Xcapture with the post workout stats and/or confirm your 3rd party devices are synced. Please visit the “Challenge” tab on the App for full challenge details as rules can differ per challenge. Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears on the leaderboard.

Q: I signed up for the challenge but my workouts aren’t counting towards it?
A: Please check the start date of the challenge in the App, it may not have started yet. Your workouts will begin recording when the Challenge officially starts. Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears on the leaderboard.

Q: How do I leave a challenge?
A: Please sign into the App and go to the “Challenge” tab and click on the challenge you have joined. From there, you can click on "Leave" in the upper right corner. This will remove you from the club challenge.

Have new ideas?

Q: I have some ideas for new features. How do I pass that along?
A: Please email our Support team at We love receiving feedback and new ideas, and will respond back to all enquiries.

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