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FitLinxx (powered by ActiveLinxx) at Roko

FitLinxx is a unique tool, helping you with your workouts. Each machine recognises you by your unique PIN and adjusts its settings according to your specific workout.

It then records what you're doing and how you're doing it and, if needed, it will also provide hints on how to improve your technique as you go, ensuring each push or pull, step or run is doing exactly what you want it to.

Afterwards, you can access all your information either from the club or over the web at home. You can see how you're doing, send and receive messages with the fitness team at the club, pick up articles and helpful advice from other fitness experts and much more besides.

By registering with FitLinxx online you can:

► Log and track your workouts on-line, Interact with your FitLinxx workout data from anywhere at anytime.

► Manually log workouts and extra activities such as football, step classes, circuits, tennis, walking etc.

► Add extra functionality like the Pebble™ which will record your data and upload it automatically to your FitLinxx account at Roko.

► Keep in touch with your instructor even when you are away from home.

► Accumulate extra FitPoints and track your progress on-line.


Sign into your FitLinxx Account

FitLinxx is now powered by ActiveLinxx. So this link will take you to the ActiveLinxx site where ou can log in to your FitLinxx account. You can also sign-up to FitLinxx using this link.

In order to use the online FitLinxx area, which gives you more detail on your workouts than just the console in club, you need to:

Be registered at Roko on FitLinxx and have a user PIN number. If you do not have a FitLinxx PIN then contact an instructor at the club and they will arrange a convenient time to set you up on the system.

To register now for free on-line workout logging and tracking, access the ActiveLinxx website and follow the prompts.


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