York Newsletter May 16

6th May 2016 | York

It’s great to see lots of families using the club in 2016 and knowing we have lots of children big and small in the club makes me even happier knowing that our onsite nursery & crèche provider is offering such a great deal for Roko members.

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York Newsletter April 16

1st April 2016 | York

Once again we will be welcoming back the circus to the club mid April. They will be bringing with them lots of fun filled family entertainment so please monitor posters in the club and social media posts for more details including dates, timings, and ticket details.

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York Newsletter March 2016

1st March 2016 | York

Speaking of wish lists, after receiving member comment cards we have invested in areas of the club with the aim of enhancing your experience. We have bought a brand new top of the range stereo for the poolside to get you really into the spirit of our fab poolside classes as well as some new water aids for adults and children alike to enjoy when they are in the pool. Upstairs in the gym 17 pieces of equipment have been re-upholstered and we have replaced 2 TRX straps on the jungle gym.

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York Newsletter February 2016

1st February 2016 | York

We have some great things going on in the club and it’s lovely to see you all participating and looking like you are having fun! I am hearing some great things when I'm walking around… the classes are getting some great feedback; returning Zumba classes, new classes such as weights for women, and the favourites from last year; Pure Stretch & Body Pump! It’s also great to see so many of you wearing your ‘Make it Happen’ wristbands and for the rest of you remember, it's not too late to collect your 8 stamps and receive yours too. As 2016 starts to take shape I'm excited to see lots of staff and member events happening such as the ‘Dirty Weekend’ event and rumour reaches me about a ‘Pretty Mudder’ happening in support of breast cancer awareness which is a fab cause.

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