Roko is proud to offer rok-x: half hour, gym floor based classes for all ages and abilities. Rok-x is a fusion of High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) and Functional Training.

There are many benefits to this type of training and you only need half an hour to have a fantastic all over body workout!

HiiT is where you give 100% effort in quick, intense bursts of activity, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery. This type of interval training enables sustained elevated heart rate and burns more fat in less time.
Functional training is carrying out exercises that are designed to strengthen key areas of your body that allow you to perform the activities of daily life more easily. These exercises target large muscle groups and are designed to improve strength, balance, co-ordination, endurance and agility.

Simply book on the app and turn up to one of the gym-floor rok-x classes scheduled on the studio class timetable. Please click on the "classes" page in the menu above to download the latest studio class timetable.

Weight bearing circuits. This class is designed to push you to your cardiovascular and muscular endurance limit using mainly bodyweight.

(Weight for Women) This class is a great way to introduce your body to using weights as part of your workout.  You will learn the basics and the importance of resistance training.  Perfect class if you want to learn more but just a little unsure where to start.

Fast-paced, sport based, high energy plyometric (also known as jump training) workout.  This class is designed to increase your power strength and speed!

This class is designed to push you to your cardiovascular and muscular endurance limit using weighted equipment.

Is a safe, fun and effective workout using pads and boxing gloves.  It is based on training concepts used by boxers to keep fit.  This express class is for ALL ages and abilities.

Body weight and weighted exercises are included to work the all-important core and to strengthen stabilising muscle groups

The perfect functional class designed to help you work through a series of challenging stretches and holds to improve your core stability and flexibility.

Don't forget, simply book on the app and turn up to our scheduled rok-x classes on the gym floor. For more information simply fill out the form below and we will contact you back:

Rok-x availability varies by club, please visit the classes page to view the latest studio timetable which includes the new 30 minute gym-floor rok-x classes.
It is important that you read the “how your personal information is used by Roko Health Clubs” at

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