Re-Opening Guidance On Using The Gym

24th July 2020 |

Using the Gym - Guidance

• Come ‘Gym Ready’ in your workout gear then shower and change at home.
• Bring a water bottle. You can refill it at the water stations in the club.
• Do not bring a workout towel. If you need to wipe yourself down use the paper towel available then bin it. Use a new, different paper towel to wipe down the kit afterwards.
• Follow the floor markings to stay socially distanced from others.
• Stay safe and clean down any equipment you use before you use it, using the cleaning sprays and paper towel that is available all around the gym floor. Put used paper towel in the bins provided.
• Stay at least 2m from other users. Workout spaces have been laid out to help you and our team will be on hand to provide guidance.
• Wash your hands when you leave or use the hand sanitiser.
• Do not wear a mask when exercising. Under current Government advice it is not safe to do so.

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