Nottingham Newsletter December 2016

8th December 2016 | Nottingham

Manager’s Welcome

Everyone’s favourite time of the year is almost upon us and here in club we are making final preparations for our upcoming refurbishment of the gym. We have had information in and around the club but the main points are reiterated in our fitness news and the most notable dates are as follows

2nd December – Kit we are not keeping was removed

5th December – Work on the flooring began

12th December – New kit will begin to arrive and be built

If only it were that easy! As we’ve said we aim to keep disruption to a minimum but please do bear with us. We will have live updates on Facebook if areas need to be closed/are being re-opened and you can always ring the club to find out more too.

By this time though, we are sure you will be fully in to the throws of the festive period partying and shopping.  We’ve some helpful hints if you feel you’ve over indulged this month and also are debunking some nutrition myths too so do have a read.

Our Christmas timetable will be out in club soon so don’t forget to pick up your copy if classes are your thing or if you’d like to try something new before the fabled January rush begins!

Enjoy your Christmas!

Julie Bowley and your Roko Nottingham Team

Member Referral Offer

Tell your friends and family about our 12 days of Fitmas Offer:

Christmas Opening Hours

Our Christmas opening hours will be available in club and will also be printed on our Christmas edition of the Group Exercise Timetable but just in case you miss them, here they are.

Fri 23rd Dec Normal
Sat 24th Dec 8am – 4pm (Xmas Eve)
Sun 25th Dec Closed (Xmas day)
Mon 26th Dec Closed (Boxing Day)
Tues 27th Dec 8am – 8pm
Wed 28th Dec 8am – 8pm
Thurs 29th Dec 8am – 8pm
Fri 30th  Dec 8am – 8pm
Sat 31st Dec 8am – 4pm (New Years’ Eve)
Sun 1st Jan Closed (New Years’ Day)
Mon 2nd Jan 8am  8pm (Bank Holiday)
Tues 3rd Jan Back to normal opening hours


Being a member at Roko Nottingham is so much more than just having access to our fantastic facilities, it also gets you some great deals with local businesses. Here is a quick breakdown of what is available to you, for full information look on our website or ask in club.

Petit Paris Restaurant – 25% off food Mon-Thurs
Grange Print – 50% off all canvas
The Riverbank Bar & Kitchen 20% off food Sun-Thurs
Ruddington Arms – 20% off food Mon-Thurs
The Mud Crab Restaurant – 20% off food Sun-Thurs
Revolution Prints – Free family photo shoot and wall portrait
Ford Sandicliffe – 2 years free servicing and bespoke special offers
Joshua Tree – 10% off all hair and beauty treatments
Alea, Marco Pierre White – 20% off food Sun-Thurs
Ruddington Grange Golf Club – 30% discount on green fees

A stunning steakhouse from one of Britain’s most critically acclaimed celebrity chefs, Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill at Alea Nottingham invites diners to tuck into tantalising steaks, delicious British dishes and sumptuous Sunday roasts.

Sounds good? Our friends at Marco Pierre White have a great offer for Roko Members…receive 20% off the whole bill – including drinks! Tables must be booked in advance either by email to or by telephoning 07802801911

Fitness News

Yes, we’re still talking about the impending refurb of the gym! We do have further information for you though…

On Friday 2nd December the gym began being prepped for the new flooring being fitted. This included;
Removal of some of the cardiovascular kit
Removal of some of the resistance kit
Some equipment that we are keeping may have been moved – this move may be on a permanent or temporary basis.
Once this work was completed the gym may have looked particularly sparse however this was the best course of action to prepare for the new flooring.

The work on the flooring began on Monday 5th December with the free weights area completed first followed by the extension of the functional area.

From Monday 12th December it gets really exciting as this is when the new equipment will start to be brought in and, where necessary, built. Again, there is potential for SOME disruption while we get things in position and layouts are finalised but we know that you’ll  be really busy with Christmas by this point too so this will be the least of your worries! 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the team but we ask that you do bear in mind that there will be some things that we are playing by ear and may not be able to advise immediately.

Finally, in relation to FitLinxx; we are aware that there are a large number of you who love the system and will miss it. If you are struggling with your programme without Fitlinxx, please book in with a member of the fitness team who will be able to extract your programme from Fitlinxx and if you require it, give your programme a bit of a shake up to ensure you keep progressing. At the present time we are unable to confirm how we will be replacing Fitlinxx but don’t forget that your membership entitles you to programme reviews whenever you feel one is necessary – our fitness team are happy to support you.

SO because it’s December and a lot of people write off December of as one of those times when you’re just not able to eat healthily, we turn our attention to some of the biggest myths about food out there and also offer some reassurance should you be over indulging this festive period.

Food Myths

Information and facts about what is healthy and what isn’t is pushed upon us from every angle. You only need to turn on the TV, read a magazine or hop on social media and you will be faced with a whole host of lies. We all try to make healthy choices (most of the time!) and most of us will apply a mixture of what we read, what we see on the TV, what the “experts” are telling us and also what we know works for us – because we also know that one size doesn’t fit all, right?!

The problem with this is that much of the information we read is entirely incorrect! Many well-known health beliefs are based on nothing more than a Google search and let’s be honest, these are the worst offenders!

Many sources would have you believe that eating a diet that is high in protein causes osteoporosis and kidney disease. The reason for this comes from the fact that eating protein does increase the excretion of calcium from the bones, but only in the short term!

In the long term many studies show that a high protein diet actually has the opposite effect, and improvements are seen in bone health and a lowered risk of fractures. Several recent studies actually show there is no association with a high protein diet and kidney disease in healthy people. In fact, eating a high protein diet can actually help the prevention of diabetes and high blood pressure, which are two of the main risk factors for kidney failure. In short, eating a high protein diet actually protects against osteoporosis and kidney failure.

Many so-called health professionals also tell you low-fat diets and calorie restriction is the most effective way to lose weight, even when there is significant evidence against that shows otherwise. Low-carb and high fat diets have been shown to be a very effective way of losing unwanted body fat in many medical studies. Further benefits include helping to lower blood pressure and an increase in good HDL cholesterol.

Let's just start by saying that not all low-fat foods are the enemy. But quite a few are likely to come with a whole bunch of nasty stuff added that you certainly don’t want to be piling into your body. When you take a product that is high in fat and remove it, you are usually left with something that resembles the taste of cardboard. Food manufactures then need to add something else to improve the overall flavour. What do they add? Normally a mixture of refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup or heaps of artificial sweeteners and flavourings you would struggle to pronounce. Sadly it’s often healthy natural fat that is removed and replaced with substances that are far worse for you. Don’t be fooled by low-fat claims... turn over the pack and check out the ingredients list!

We’ve news for you, sugar isn't just empty calories it's actually damaging your body!
Eating too much sugar affects the metabolism which leads to rapid weight gain and potentially metabolic disease. This is the resistance of the hormones insulin and leptin which could lead to obesity, metabolic syndrome and/or diabetes! Probably the single worst ingredient in the modern diet, sugar can also cause a relentless biochemical drive which basically means some people are unable to stop consuming it and get more and more fat.

Eat fat get fat sounds about right, but it's completely wrong. Despite being higher in calories than both protein and carbs, fat is an essential nutrient and definitely not the enemy.

Whilst it might sound crazy, lots of studies have shown that eating a diet high in healthy fats (and lower in carbs) can be much more effective than low fat diets for losing weight.

Eggs have been demonised for centuries now because they contain cholesterol which has considered bad due to its relation with heart disease. However, modern research has proven that the cholesterol found in eggs doesn’t raise cholesterol in the blood, but actually raises good cholesterol which is not associated with the increased risk of heart disease.

Sadly many people are still swapping healthy eggs for breakfast for bowls full of sugar-laden cereal, all due to the lies they have been fed.

Decades ago a bunch of highly flawed studies and politicians decided that the heart disease epidemic was the fault of fat in our diets, in particular saturated fat. This myth seems to have stuck around despite the evidence of new studies showing no association with saturated fat and heart disease what so ever! In fact saturated fat from natural sources like coconut oil, red meat and dairy can increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and help make LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) less damaging.

The general mainstream view is that we should all be eating a low fat diet with 60% of our total calories coming from carbs. But high carb diets tend to be full of highly processed foods that are high in sugar with very little protein or fat. Whilst those who are lean and active may get away with this, for the majority of the population a high carb diet is likely to lead to obesity. And for those who are already obese, or have metabolic syndrome eating a high carb diet like this is just downright dangerous. The low-fat, high-carb diet for most often results in miserable failure. It has been proven repeatedly to be vastly inferior to lower-carb, higher-fat diets in many randomised controlled trials.

This statement is entirely false. Meat does not rot in your gut, or anywhere in your body.
We have been eating meat since time began, and our bodies are well equipped to digest and absorb all the beneficial nutrients found in meat. The proteins and fats are broken down by powerful stomach acids and digestive enzymes in the small intestines. They are then absorbed by the body and there is simply nothing left to ‘rot’ in your gut!

This myth is often associated with the promise of an increased metabolism and more weight loss. The reality is that whilst the metabolism is slightly increased when we eat, it’s the total amount of food we eat in any one day that determines our weight and not how many meals we eat!

Studies have been done to test this and have shown on numerous occasions that there is no real difference between eating 6 small meals or 3 larger meals. In fact, being in a fasted state from time to time can actually be good for us.

When we don’t eat for a period of time our body performs a process called autophagy, which cleans waste from cells. It all comes down to choice...some people prefer to eat little and often which is fine, but if you are using it to aid weight loss, it might not be the be all and end all.

Festive Food – don’t make December a write off for your nutrition goals!

It is so easy to overeat despite our best intentions.  We have all been there! Whether it is reaching out for one too many sausage rolls at a party, over-indulging in a takeaway or somehow eating that entire bag of Doritos instead of just a few. Suddenly you are more stuffed than your Christmas Day turkey and feeling very sorry for yourself and incredibly guilty. Don’t panic! It happens to the best of us and the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up over it. Remember we are all human and indulging is a part of life. The best thing you can do is to bounce back and get back on track. Apart from feeling guilty you are probably feeling a bit sick, suddenly those cheesy chips are looking more hellish than heaven like. Here are some ways on how to bounce back from a binge.

Be Kind To Yourself
You really need to stop beating yourself up. If you had a binge eating session or even just ate way more than you should have and veered off your healthy eating habits, remind yourself that it is okay. The more you allow negativity to take over the more it will hold you back. Remember there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the things you love in life, it is what it is and now is the time to move on.

Shake (or Walk) It Off
The best thing you can do straight after a binge is to go for a nice long walk. Notice how we aren’t suggesting a massive gym sesh?! That’s because that will probably cause to you throw up. Taking a slow walk straight after binging is great because it aids in digestion. If you couldn’t force yourself to get off the couch the day you ate a bit too much, go for heart pumping cardio workout the next day when you don’t feel as stuffed. Whether it be a quick studio class or a jog on the treadmill, do anything that will make you sweat. This will make you feel SO much better and reduce that ‘I feel like I’m carrying a small child’ feeling.

Don’t Skip Breakfast
This is one of the WORST things you can do! I know you have woken up and probably aren't thinking of demolishing a stack of pancakes, but even that healthy smoothie is making you feel queasy. The trick is to keep it light. Make a protein & vegetable packed breakfast like an omelette or just some yoghurt with fresh fruit. The reason eating breakfast is so important is because it kick starts your metabolism. It can also get you into the right mindset that will allow you to continue your healthy eating schedule.

Make Water Your Best Friend
Drinking water will help to flush out all the toxins in your body and make you feel better. Try to aim to drink between 2-3 litres a day and drink a tall glass of water before bed and when you wake up. The benefits of drinking water the next day also mean you are rehydrating, which your body probably needs if you have consumed too many fatty and salty foods.

Eat Well
You don’t have to starve yourself after a binge, it will only cause your hunger to grow throughout the day and may even result in another binge. The best thing to do is to make sure you try to eat as clean as possible so that your body is filled with wholesome foods instead of artificial nasties. Eating protein with every meal will help to keep you full and crank up your metabolism. Eating clean after binge can be hard because you can get into the risky mindset that “oh well I’ve ruined it now, may as well eat bad for the rest of the week”. Once you have derailed a little it is tough to get back into your regular routine, but just remember one binge won’t do much damage if you get straight back into it. It also helps to plan your meals down to a T for the next couple of days, this will reduce the risk of you getting caught out with no food suddenly starving ready to hit the next drive-thru you see.

Look The Part
After a binge you are probably feeling a bit more than blah, your bed is surely looking like your idea of heaven. Bouncing back is not just about the physical things you do, but also the mental. You might be feeling a bit down on yourself so get up, take a hot shower and tell yourself it’s a new day, I CAN do this.

Remember, the trick to not letting a binge spiral out of control is to take steps to rectify it. You don’t want to get into a bad routine of binging, not eating, binging, not eating. Look after your body and always look forward, don’t look in the rear view mirror because you’re not going that way.

Swimming News

Christmas Booster lessons are now available to book from 21st – 23rd December. £15 for members, £18 for non-members for the 3 days (all 3 days should be booked)

9.30am beginners

10am improvers

Contact Jennie on 0115 982779/07709 895778. Or email to book or find out more info. Small groups concentrating on 1 stroke per lesson followed by some Christmas fun on the final day! Certificate of attendance is included and your Santa hat is compulsory!

The new swimming term starts on Monday 2nd January 2017 and will run for 10 weeks, look out for you re-enrolment forms which will be handed out to all swimmers w/c 5th December. In order to guarantee your place for next term, we ask that you make payment by Sunday 18th December, after this date we will be taking new bookings and filling any spare spaces from the waiting list, if you pay by Monday 12th you can claim a 3 day Roko pass!!

If you have any questions or queries please contact Jennie on the email address above.

Teachers will be finalising assessments over the next few weeks, your teacher will then hand your swimmer a badge slip detailing which award they have achieved this term, awards can then be collected from reception.

The Roko swimming team would like to wish all their swimmers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We hope you’ve enjoyed the lessons as much as we have enjoyed teaching you all!!!

Club Lounge

December is here and that can only mean one thing in the club lounge…MINCE PIES AND COSTA CHRISTMAS DRINKS!!!

This year’s Costa Christmas range is as delicious as ever and we are very happy to say that we are selling the Honeycomb Latte, Salted Caramel Cappuccino, Gingerbread Latte and Mint Hot Chocolate.  Having tried them all (several times) it’s impossible to pick a favourite!

This year we are moving away from the traditional mince pies, in favour of mince pie slices. When we received samples from our suppliers of various mince pies these were the standout favourites and didn’t last very long at all, what can we say, the team here are gannets!

Try a mince pie slice and a small coffee for just £3.00 this festive period.            

Joshua Tree News

Winter Warmers at the Joshua Tree
Start your experience with a mug of delicious organic hot chocolate to relax and unwind before being cocooned in our Spa Chakra rooms and enjoy a 1 hour Aveda fusion stone massage, Elemental nature massage or Elemental facial. All of our treatments are expertly delivered by the healing caring touch of an Aveda Spa professional and the science of flower and plant ingredients. The treatments include hot towels and your chosen Aveda essential oils.

Festive Hair
If you’re planning your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party look already, we’ve got the best hair and makeup at the Joshua tree, all of our stylists offer the hottest up to date hairstyles from plaits, hair up to vintage waves, and everything in between. In addition there are lots of gorgeous makeup looks to choose from such as bold lips and smoky eyes. If you would like to book in for a free consultation please call 0115 9813111.

Joshua Tree Gift vouchers
Struggling to know what to buy for that special one at Christmas? Look no further than the Joshua Tree gift vouchers, you may purchase vouchers from £10.00 upwards, vouchers may be used in the Spa, Salon or against any products. All vouchers valid for 6 months from date purchase.

Three Wise Treatments….

GOLD £80.00
2 hours 15 minutes
Aveda massage or facial
Aveda Spa manicure or pedicure
Body polish & replenish

1 hour 30 minutes
Aveda massage or facial
Body polish & replenish

MYRRH £35.00
1 Hour
OPI gel manicure or pedicure
Stress fix hand or foot massage
All of the above may be purchased from Joshua Tree reception

Christmas Opening hours
Christmas Eve 8.00am – 3pm
25th – 27th December Closed
28th December - New Year’s Eve 8.00am – 3pm
Closed from 1st Jan – 4th January 2017
Normal opening hours resume from 5th January 2017

We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas & a prosperous 2017

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