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As a Roko member, you've already committed to achieving your goals - and we're here to support you. But did you know that you are more likely to achieve your fitness goals with a workout buddy? Here are 5 reasons why that's true:

Accountability: You’re far more likely to actually workout when (1) you’re forced to schedule it ahead of time and (2) cancelling means inconveniencing a friend. Making concrete plans with another person means you’ll be far less likely to cancel in favour of the couch.

Easier to try new workouts: When you’ve got someone else with you it’s much less intimidating to start using the gym, going to new classes, hitting the free training area or just trying out new exercise equipment.

Have More Fun: You can get a serious workout, without being serious – it’s okay to have fun. In fact, the more fun your workouts are, the more you’re going to look forward to and be committed to them over the long-term. There’s absolutely no doubt that the right workout buddy can make your workouts more fun, being able to laugh, encourage and motivate – will make them much more enjoyable.

Motivation: In addition to keeping you accountable, friends can provide an extra boost of motivation when it gets tough. Everyone has those days when they just don’t feel like going to the gym and those times when they want to call it quits, friends can offer encouragement to keep you going. Just be sure to return the favour!

You’ll Work Harder: Studies have shown that with a workout buddy you are likely to work harder than if you workout alone, burning more calories and getting to your goals faster.

So introduce a friend to Roko and you'll both benefit from the additional motivation that you will provide to each other. PLUS, when you refer a friend right now and they decide to join, then we’ll give you both a limited edition Roko workout top.

You can get started by filling in your friends details below. We'll take care of the rest.

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1) Roko will give members a Roko workout top for each friend they refer who takes out a new full adult 12 month membership at the club and pays the full joining fee. The friend will also receive a Roko workout top. 2) This offer is only valid if the member submits their friend’s details online prior to any initial membership enquiry. 3) The Roko workout top reward is subject to availability and to qualify the friend must join by the campaign end date. Campaign end date is on the Roko website referral page 4) Offer only available to over 18’s. 5) Referral is valid for existing members adding someone to their own subscription such as partners who must live at the same address and share the same bank account, but not new joiners adding a partner during the period of the promotion. 6) Ex members can re-join as a referral under this scheme. 7) If more than one current member refers the same person then the member who registered their friend’s details first gets the reward. 8) A referral will only be valid under this promotion if the friend’s details have not been held by Roko over the previous 8 weeks. 9) Roko reserves the right to terminate this promotion before the closing date if it is oversubscribed. 10) Normal rules of membership apply. 11) The workout top will be issued to the referring member a minimum period of 7 days after the new member joins the club. 12) Roko will notify the referring member at the point of their friend joining to confirm the date the workout top will be ready to collect. 13) Cannot be used in conjunction with any other joining offer. 14) The referral offer is valid on all Results memberships, Results memberships have a minimum membership period of 12 months.

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The club will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day; plus opening hours will be reduced over the Festive and Easter periods. 

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