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Personal training means something different to everyone. Whether you are training for a particular event, have weight loss goals, fitness aims, or health and lifestyle ambitions, personal training can help you.

* Achieve more with your health and fitness
* Lose weight faster
* Stay motivated to come to the club more regularly
* Boost yourself out of a fitness plateau
* Add variety to avoid workout boredom
* Prepare for an upcoming event.

Personal training is within reach of everyone. Providing motivation, inspiration, support and guidance, Roko personal training will give you the boost you need to move on with your health and fitness and achieve your goals more quickly than you thought possible. Roko personal trainers are friendly and approachable but the most important decision is choosing the best one for you. 

Your Personal Trainers

We are delighted to introduce our Personal Trainers. Please read through their details and contact them directly for more information.

 Christina Chiocca - sprinter & boxer!


Tel: 078424 23070

Areas of Expertise:
· Agility
· Flexibility
· High intensity training
· Boxing

About me:
Many of you will already recognise me from the gym as one of the Insanity Instructors or from   training in the gym. I have always been interested in fitness, starting as a sprinter and then on to boxing. Coming from a family of boxers, it had always been a goal to step confidently in the ring and win! 10 years of boxing lead me to becoming an Insanity Instructor and to Personal Training.

I believe everyone should have access to exercise in a happy safe environment, training should be individual to each person and fun. I love seeing and helping people to reach their goals.

· Insanity Instructor
· Level 2 Fitness Instructor
· Level 3 Personal Trainer

 Jack Dillon - pro rugby league player!


Tel: 07805518855


Areas of Expertise:
· Sports specific training  (rugby/rowing)
· Psychological aspect to training
· Posture and joint mobility
· Body transformations

About me:
I am an ex rugby player and competitive rower currently head of strength and conditioning for the women's senior squad at Mortlake Rowing Club.
No matter how little or great your experience is in the gym I will strive to perfect your training with my special- ised pyramid technique.
Tier 1: Strength, heart rate, technique — The most important tier to build a solid foundation.
Tier 2: Volume and intensity—Increasing training volume and intensity as you improve your fitness and technique.
Tier 3—Complexity - To break through plateaus and consistently continue to achieve your goals.

· Trigger Point therapy Level 2
· Personal training level 3
· Sports therapy massage level 3
· Pre/post natal exercise
· Exercise go referral level 3
· Obesity and weight management

 Ana Godbolt - head of fitness at Roko!


Tel: 07789989551


Areas of Expertise:
· Strength training
· HIIT training
· Core strength
· Functional training (previously a trainer at F45)

About Me:
Hello Roko! If you are looking to get strong and confident, I am the trainer for you.
I specialise in strength and conditioning - safeguarding technique to achieve the best results and avoiding injury. I design bespoke exercise programs and nutritional advice for men and women enabling progress towards lifestyle goals.
I am head of fitness at Roko and also continue to do PT sessions , concentrating on a small amount of clients per week to maximise their results.

· Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
· Level 3 Nutritional intervention for Exercise, Wellbeing  and Weight management
· Level 3  Pre and Postnatal Exercise
· Level 2 Gym instructor

 Stefan Joseph - over 10 years experience!


Tel: 07912648593


Areas of Expertise:
· Weight loss and toning
· Strength and conditioning
· Rehabilitation and injury prevention

About me:
I have been a personal trainer for the best part of 10 years and a strength and conditioning coach/student for the last 4 years. I have worked with professional   footballers, amateur/semi-professional combat sport competitors, elite youth runners, weightlifters, powerlifters, para-Olympians and your average gym goer.

I pride myself in being adaptable to the individual and the desired training outcome. I like everything I deliver to be as simplistic as possible. This includes training plans, diet plans, consultations and the reasons why I do the things I do. I have a good knowledge of all desired training outcomes with the average gym goer. I appreciate that even though my job is to get rapid results, life is life and often gets in the way. My job is not to dictate people’s life, but to provide solutions to people on a day by day basis.

· MRes in sport, health and applied science
· Strength and conditioning science BSC (1st class honours)
· Level 3 personal training
· Insanity instructor
· Spin instructor
· Boxercise instructor

· Watford FC academy strength and conditioning coach
· Muay thai/ MMA strength and conditioning coach
· St Mary’s university weightlifting coach
· St Mary’s university powerlifting coach
· Elite youth runners club coach  

 Olivia Marriott - liv confident!


Tel: 07795386514


Areas of Expertise:
· Training for Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia.
· Strength and conditioning for over 50's

About me:
I believe fitness has a key part to play in improving inner confidence and wellbeing! Hence why I created Liv Confident, so I could help people reach their personal fitness goals and feel happier in themselves. I tailor all my programs and workouts to suit the needs of the individual. I specialise in exercise prescription for neurological conditions, which means I can provide exercises that aim to maintain physical strength and independence for those with Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia and Stroke. 

· BA Degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education
· Exercise Prescription for Neurological Conditions 
· Level 3 Personal Training
· Nutrition for Weight Loss (NASM)

 Nick Powell - challenge yourself and have fun!


Tel: 07447913154

Areas of Expertise:
· Weight loss and toning
· Injury rehabilitation
· Golf strength and conditioning 

About me: 
I have been a personal trainer now for 12 years and I  have been lucky enough to meet and train some great people and forge lasting relationships over that time.

I believe the key to successful long term training is consistency, training doesn’t have to be longwinded, complex and dull. I’ll show you how to break those barriers to consistency and invite you to challenge yourself and have fun. YES FUN.

· Certified level 3 Advanced Personal trainer
· Spinning instructor
· Boxercise/ circuit instructor 

 Pawel Szkolnicki - Body Transformation Coach!

T: 07500 547103


Areas of Expertise:
· Body Transformations
· Boxing

About me: 
Hi. It’s Pawel, your Personal Trainer, nutrition advisor and, most importantly, the person who will help you transform your body into its best shape ever. I’m a dedicated and passionate coach with a wealth of experience, specialising in strength training for fat loss.

If you are dissatisfied with your current look and don’t know where to start, how to effectively train, or what you should be eating, I have the perfect solution for you.

Let Fullbodyfixers Chiswick fix your lifestyle with a bespoke high octane workout and a diet plan tailored just for you, to help you get that body you’ve always dreamed of.

· BSc (Hons) Sports Development
· Personal Trainer and Advanced Instructor- Reps level 3
· Advanced Resistance Training (Assessing Muscular Fitness, Techniques, Exercise Prescription)
· Nutrition and Weight Management
· Pre & Post Natal Exercise Programme

Contact Roko Chiswick

Main Reception: 0208 747 5757

Membership Sales: 0208 747 5750

Beauty Spa: 0208 747 5756

How to find us

Chiswick Sports Ground
Hartington Road
W4 3UH

Opening hours

Opening Hours 

Monday 06:30 - 22:00
Tuesday 06:30 - 22:00
Wednesday 06:30 - 22:00
Thursday 06:30 - 22:00
Friday 06:30 - 22:00
Saturday 08:00 - 19:00
Sunday and Bank Holidays 08:00 - 20:00

The club will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day; plus opening hours will be reduced over the Festive and Easter periods.  

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