Re-Opening Guidance On Attending Classes

24th July 2020 |

Coming To Classes - Guidance

• Come ‘Class Ready’ in your workout gear then shower and change at home.
• Bring a water bottle. You can refill it at the water stations in the club.
• Do not bring a workout towel. If you need to wipe yourself down use the paper towel available then bin it. Use a new, different paper towel to wipe down the equipment afterwards.
• Follow the floor markings to stay socially distanced from others.
• Do not gather in groups outside the studio but go in and stand in your selected spot.
• Stay safe and clean down any equipment you use after you use it, using the cleaning sprays and paper towel that is available in the studio. Put used paper towel in the bins provided.
• Stay at least 2m from other users. Workout spaces have been laid out to help you and our team will be on hand to provide guidance.
• Wash your hands when you leave or use the hand sanitiser.
• Do not wear a mask when exercising. Under current Government advice it is not safe to do so.

Attending A Livestreamed Class

What is Livestreaming?
Livestreaming is a live video and audio feed of the class happening in a Roko club.

Why are you Livestreaming classes?
With Livestreaming you can still attend the Roko class from anywhere so, as we have to limit capacity in classes due to Government guidance on social distancing, you don’t miss out. Also many members have asked us to provide an alternative to coming to a class in club so they can ease back into their workout routines gradually.

Why aren’t all classes Livestreamed?
Mainly because of equipment issues where we don’t believe members will have what they need for the style of class. Particular examples are BodyPump or high energy classes where the music is an integral part of the experience. We are testing different solutions around the audio experience and we expect it to rapidly improve over the next few weeks.

How do I attend a Livestreamed class?
• Firstly book in online via the App or your Online Account to the class you want to do.

• Before the class starts make sure you have a water bottle to hand, any equipment you need close by and plenty of space for the workout. Try and avoid having pets involved as they will get in the way at the worst possible time!
• Aim to join the class online at least 5 minutes before it is due to start. Once the class starts you won’t be admitted.
• Click on the link shown on the class booking page on the App on your Tablet or Smart Phone and you will be taken to the class waiting room.

• If you are using a laptop to do the class then you can go to your Online Account, go to Manage Bookings, find the class and click on the information symbol, then copy and paste the link in the class comments into your web browser and it will take you to the class.

• When the instructor is ready they will admit everyone to the class.
• Please follow the guidance from the instructor and let them know if you have any injuries or conditions they need to be aware of by unmuting your microphone using the Zoom controls at the bottom of your screen.
• When the class starts please make sure your microphone is muted, it will be set to mute automatically when you join, otherwise other participants may hear you during the session!
• At the end of the class it will be ended for all participants by the Instructor.

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