Re-Opening FAQs

24th July 2020 |

FAQ’s - Practicalities

Q – What are the opening times of the club?
A – We will initially be open on weekdays from 7am to 9pm and at weekends from 8am to 6pm. We will let you know as and when we will expand on these times.

Q – Are you operating a booking system to come to the club?
A – No. We have plenty of space so you can come at any time to use the gym but you must book in advance to go to the pool, the spa or any classes.
Q – Are you limiting capacity at the club?
A – Yes but due to the size of our club we don’t anticipate reaching the capacity limits that we are required to have. It will be constantly monitored.

Q - Can I use the toilets at the club when I visit?
A – Yes you can. Toilets will be available for use.

Q – Can I use the changing rooms and showers when I visit?
A – You should arrive ‘gym ready’ or ‘swim ready’ if you are coming to the club as changing rooms and showers will not be generally available and you should plan to shower and change at home after your workout session.

Q – I am registered disabled, can I shower and change after my workout or swim?
A – Yes, we have made provision for you to shower and change.

Q – Will I need my membership card?
A – Yes, you need to bring your membership card to access the club through the turnstiles as we are required to record attendance of each member for contact tracing in the unlikely event it is required.

Q – What is happening with swimming lessons?
A – We will be working on our swimming lesson programme during August to have it ready for September. Any lessons previously purchased and unused will be credited to the new programme.

Q – How do I access the App if I can’t remember my Pin?
A – You can reset your pin using your Membership ID which will have been emailed to you previously and is usually on most correspondence sent to you by the club.

Q – I haven’t heard back from the club after emailing Roko during lockdown. Should I email again?
A – Please don’t contact us again. We will be in touch regarding your query and it will be dealt with.

Q – When can I bring my children to the club?
A – This is the same as normal, except for pool use. If your child is over 12 and has been assessed for gym use then you can bring them for a workout until 6.30pm (7pm at York) but you must supervise and remain with them. Over 16’s can use the gym at any time unsupervised after they have had a fitness consultation.

Q – Why can’t I swim with my family at the moment?
A – We still need to find a solution to social distancing groups of people in the pool area, especially with limited access to showers and changing rooms, so for now we are not allowing family swimming. We are working hard on getting a solution in place and expect to provide an update in early August.

Q – What facilities or activities must I book for and what can I just turn up and use?
A – Swimming lanes, Classes and the Spa must be booked in advance. You can use the gym as normal without booking.

Q – Are any facilities closed?
A – Yes. The Government has said we must keep the sauna and steam room closed for now.

Q – Will the water fountains be open?
A – Yes they will but only to fill water bottles, not for you to drink from, so please bring a bottle with you.

Q – Will the club lounge be open?
A – No, the club lounge will be closed to aid social distancing and discourage groups from gathering indoors which is a government condition of re-opening.

Q – Do I have to wear a mask?
A – It is not compulsory to wear a mask as gyms are exempt. You may wear a mask when walking around the club if you wish, but do not wear a mask when exercising; under current Government advice it is not safe to do so.

We know this is a lot of information but hope that it will quickly become the new normal and that you will still be able to enjoy the fantastic benefits of membership at Roko. Remember, a low BMI and good fitness are key for a healthy immune system.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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