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5th September 2017 | Nottingham

Manager’s Welcome

September often gives us a chance to review resolutions made and inevitably forgotten at the beginning of the year. As the kids go back to school, there’s a back to reality feel for all so now is the perfect time to book in with our fitness team to refresh your fitness goals and programme – all included as part of your membership!

We’re bringing the changes here in club too with the introduction of some new classes and partnerships, most notably Hotpod Yoga are making Roko their permanent West Bridgford home which also means a 10% discount on their classes for you, our members. Read more about their classes and our other additions below.

We would also like to thank you for your patience and cooperation while the work to improve the security of the car park has taken place. It is no secret that we have had travellers on the land before and these height restrictors are in place to stop this happening again. So, we ask that you please refrain from parking within the first bay of the car park as this is the only place that high sided vehicles can park.

Best wishes as we head into autumn,  

Julie Bowley and your Roko Nottingham Team

Fitness News

This September sees some exciting additions to the club alongside our ever present fitness team who will continue to offer innovative and results driven programmes to get you to your fitness goals faster. If you feel you’ve over indulged a little too much for a little too long then do book in for your 30 minute stayfit. appointment…super important to keep you motivated, on the right track and more importantly achieving and improving. These consultations are completely free of charge and you can take as many of them as you like through the duration of your membership.

We’ve also got a couple of changes to the group exercise timetable;

Ian will be returning to lead his Tai Chi class from Thursday 7th September at 10.45am.

And on a Sunday morning we introduce Body Jam at 09.45am…more chances to dance!   


You will probably have seen on Facebook or heard through the grapevine that Hotpod yoga Nottingham will now be delivering all their West Bridgford based classes from Roko. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Work is currently being undertaken to convert the old nursery in to a purpose built studio. We believe that classes will start in the studio from Monday 11th September although we are awaiting final confirmation and timetable information – as soon as we have it, you will have it! In the meantime, we are sure you’ve got loads of questions about this brilliant new partnership so here’s a quick guide for Roko members on Hotpod Yoga…

Are classes included as part of my membership?
Hotpod Yoga classes will not be covered by your membership; however, Roko members will receive a 10% discount across all packages offered by Hotpod Yoga

Do I need to book in advance?
Yes please! All class purchases and registrations must be made in advance through the Hotpod website or app. It will also be worth you taking a look at hotpods terms and conditions of payment, membership and classes as they are somewhat different to what you may be used to with Roko’s own group exercise classes.

What to bring?
Nothing special, just water and a towel to lay on your mat.

Do Hotpod provide mats?
Yes, mats are provided – you’re welcome to bring your own, but there will be one there waiting for you, just be sure to bring a towel to lay on your mat as it does get sweaty.

Should I eat beforehand?
Try not to eat less than an hour before class.

I’ve never done hot yoga before, will I be ok?
You will be absolutely fine! Just let the teacher know it’s your first lesson, take the class at your own pace and remember you can take a restorative pose and return to your breath whenever you need.

What’s the purpose of the pod?
The pod allows us to create a wonderful hot yoga studio anywhere. It’s an amazing, tranquil environment to practice yoga.  And we like inflatables – doesn’t everyone?!

How hot does it get?

Why hot?
The heat makes the heart and lungs work a little harder – helping you burn more calories, and giving you a great cardio workout. Warmth also increases flexibility – easing joints and muscles and helping prevent injury. Sweating also helps us eliminate toxins, cleansing the body. Finally… well, it’s just nice!

Can I do Hotpod Yoga while pregnant?
Unfortunately not. The heat makes it quite high exertion and raises the body temperature – both not entirely safe when pregnant. So, we recommend finding a great pregnancy yoga class and then coming to see us after the baby’s born!!

Can children attend Hotpod Yoga?
We’re afraid not! No under 16s allowed, unfortunately. We have been known to run occasional kids classes though, but not on a regular schedule.

And for those who want more information about what classes will be on offer…

Our one hour signature Hotpod Flow. The 37 degree heat and immersive ambience will melt you deeper into your practice, while your Hotpod instructor will carefully and personally guide you through a flow of both passive and active postures that will open your body, work your heart and calm your mind in equal measure.
Suitable for all levels, refreshing and impactful classes that are grounded firmly in reality.

what can I expect:  expect to sweat, you will feel as though you have had a workout!  Focus on core strength, stamina and flexibility and aerobic capacity from working the heart stronger in the heat.  You can take a break and sit down if you need to, you can take water anytime, we have beginners alongside more experienced people and the instructor will guide everyone through the same flow whilst offering progressions (to make it more challenging) and modifications (to make it more accessible)

Our one hour Nurturing Flow is a deeper, slower, restorative class. A calmer tempo and strong focus on passive and meditative postures, combined with the signature Hotpod heat of 37 degrees, will melt you into further into your practice, leaving your body gently worked and your mind relaxed and calm. Ideal for beginners, anyone suffering from injuries or just looking to nurture their bodies!

what can I expect:  although it is humid in the pod you probably won’t  break a sweat, the class has a very gentle linking flow but predominantly it is floor based postures held for a longer time (up to 7 minutes).  We use blocks and rollers to support you. It is more akin to the Yin style of yoga, working deeply on connective tissue and fascia.  We get a lot of athletes using this as a deep stretch supporting their other training or gym time.  We also get a lot of people who come to hotpod flow and then double up a second hour with Nurturing.  If you like the heat and stretch but don't want to break a sweat, this is a goodie.

Not for beginners or those new to the heat, this is our intermediate+ level class.   Our one hour Dynamic Flow sees Hotpod Yoga-goers take the next step in their Hotpod practice. Challenging postures combined with a deeper focus on conscious breath rapidly work towards increased strength, flexibility and heightened mental clarity and focus.

what can I expect:  think arm balances, more time upside down, definitely challenging, the balances will flow from one to another, however instructor will still guide you through step by step progressions.  Big on core strength and flexibility.  As with all hotpod classes you are encouraged to take a break when you need it, to take water as you need it etc.

Sling Swing

Sling Swing are very excited to be bringing their unique parent and baby classes to Roko every Thursday 12pm - 1pm starting from 14th September.
Sling Swing is a gentle, movement to music class for mums, dads or carers to come along to with their babies or infants. The aim is to have fun in a friendly, musical environment and to really bond with your baby! If you don't have your own sling we have some lovely quality slings to borrow free of charge and all instructors are baby wearing as well as post-natal trained and insured. Babies must be at least 6 weeks old before they can attend. Routines are to a wide variety of music to boogie with your baby! Classes should be booked in advance £5 for Roko members and £6 for non-members. For more information and booking email Nikki;

Benefits for Mum/Dad include:
Spending quality time bonding with your baby
Building intimacy and trust with your baby
Having fun
Improves your mood and increases energy levels
Improves your posture and self-awareness
Helps you feel confident

Benefits For Baby/Infant:
Builds intimacy and trust with parent
Introduces music, movement and dance
Develops musical appreciation and a good sense of rhythm
Stimulates your baby’s mind
Your baby will love watching the others around them 

Swimming News

We are now well and truly into the new term and it's fantastic to see new & existing swimmers making great progress, we do have a few places left for the remainder of this term so if you’re keen to build on your little ones confidence following all the swimming they’ve hopefully done on holiday give us a call!

New classes
Stage 9/competitive swimming will take place on Sundays at 11am. This is a 45 minute class concentrating on the more technical side of swimming.

Swim Clinic is a 45 minute lesson concentrating on 1 stroke for 5 weeks, the teacher will film you before the lesson and then at the end of the five weeks, they will work with you to improve your stroke and efficiency in the water. The first stroke will be front crawl and will start on Monday 18th September, the cost of the lessons will be £50.00 for the course, 8.15pm-9pm. email: for more information.

Maria will be leaving us at the end of August to pursue an exciting opportunity in Sydney! Good luck Maria and thank you for all the teaching you have been doing across the programme, we will miss you.

Children's Birthday Parties at Roko

Children’s Birthday Parties are back!
If you’re looking for a birthday party venue, look no further!  Here at Roko we have 2 large studios and a splash pool to host your little ones parties.
Dance, football and pool activities along with set party menus are available.
For further details please contact

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