Nottingham Newsletter June 16

1st June 2016 | Nottingham

Manager’s Welcome

We love the summer! Light mornings make it easier to get up in the morning and the light nights make it seem like anything is possible. What is possible is achieving your health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Our fitness article this month looks at drastic weight loss and the effect it can have on your body…we finish with some tips to help you avoid this and our fitness team are always on hand to help with this too.

We’d like to thank you for your patience while we have struggled with the audio system in the club and understand that standard radio stations are not ideal for working out in a gym. We have been in regular contact with our contractor and by the time you’re reading this, we should be back firing on all cylinders – and speakers!

For those of you who are limited in your training by an injury, why not make an appointment to see our new resident physio Chris? All his details and credentials can be found below and we’ve had some really lovely feedback from both members and members of our team who have asked for his help and he’s sorted them out.

This month is a great time to introduce your friends to Roko. It's Buddy Week right now, so you have until the15th June to bring a friend with you to the club for a free week. Then, if your friend decides to join Roko before the end of the month, you can both receive a £110 Roko voucher pack. Read on for more details.

Enjoy your lighter nights and hopefully, the sunny days of June!

Buddy Week - 1st - 15th June

Working out with a friend increases your chances of achieving your goals. That's why we introduced Buddy Week. CLICK HERE to nominate a friend to work out with you for a week for free. Nominate them between the 1st - 15th June and they must begin their free week by the 15th June.

Not only that, if your buddy finds that Roko is the club for them and they join before the 30th June, then you can both receive a £110 Roko voucher pack. For more details CLICK HERE.

Membership Information

With summer approaching why not add your kids on to your membership from only £9.99 per month per child.

Terms and conditions apply. Please speak to a member of the membership sales team for further information.

Premier Partner Offers

A stunning steakhouse from one of Britain’s most critically acclaimed celebrity chefs, Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill at Alea Nottingham invites diners to tuck into tantalising steaks, delicious British dishes and sumptuous Sunday roasts.

Sounds good? Our friends at Marco Pierre White have a great offer for Roko Members…receive 20% off the whole bill – including drinks! Tables must be booked in advance either by email to or by telephoning 07802801911

The Ruddington Arms is a traditional pub located in Ruddington village, 5 miles south of Nottingham. Great seasonal and local food is at the heart of everything we do and we’d like to invite Roko members to enjoy 20% off your food bill from Monday to Thursday. Visit for more information. 

Fitness News

This month we look at something that everyone will have tried at least once…dieting and weight loss and we turn to an article featured earlier this year in the New York Times. The article looked at former contestants of the American television programme The Biggest Loser in which those who take part are sent to a remote ranch, put through hours and hours of exercise a day and are placed on an extreme diet in order to shed weight. Contestants have got more than just a couple of kilos to lose and are closely monitored during the course of the programme to ensure their health isn’t suffering as a result of the new regime. The findings of the study are fascinating – particularly to a science and physiology geek like me! – And help to explain why so many people fail to keep weight off once they have lost it.

And so, after all that (well done for making it this far!), although the study has far from concluded, it has answered a great many questions about dieting, weight gain and metabolisms. Obesity is much more than a food addiction and weight loss/fat loss is about much more than eating less and moving more, even if the contestants on the biggest loser are in a somewhat false environment. It also highlights that there are far better ways to measure success than scales and weight loss such as celebrating swapping bad habits for good ones and making positive lifestyle changes. Furthermore, your weight will constantly fluctuate due to all manner of things.

The key take away of this article would be that anything drastic leads to more drastic changes in your body and this will wreak havoc on your body – just as it did for the contestants mentioned above. If you’re embarking upon a fat loss or weight loss plan, the key is slow and steady – make it sustainable. It is about making only minor changes to the number of calories consumed to maintain normal metabolic rates, and maintaining a regular but not excessive fitness programme that uses resistance training to maintain and build more muscle tissue thus helping to maintain your metabolic rate. Anything more than minor and your body will being to shut down on energy expenditure, which makes burning calories harder than ever. As seen in the study, the metabolism and thyroid will slow to match energy (calories) in. So if you’re only eating 1200cal per day (which does seem to have been billed as a magic number for weight loss) then you cannot expect your metabolism to be firing on all cylinders. At least not for long. Your body is built to survive and will do all it can to keep going. When it isn’t getting adequate nutrition it will try to produce its own and it has two choices, muscle, or fat. This will again slow the bodies metabolic rate. Dumping a load of calories in means your body then thinks well, I can’t burn these so I‘d better store them. Of course, this is extreme. However, it is what a lot of people do to illicit as much weight loss as possible as quickly as possible. Eventually the metabolic rate drops, leading to the rebound weight gain and as we see in extreme cases the metabolism never fully recovers.

So as we touched on above, think long term over short term…

“I’m going on holiday in 12 weeks. Better start limiting my treats” instead of “I’m going on holiday in 2 weeks, I’d better stop eating and start training really hard”.

Make lifestyle changes that will add up to life long results. This sets some crazy milestones for the people at home to think are achievable and also both physically and mentally battered contestants.

This number on the scales mentality is everything that is wrong with the weight loss world, instead of celebrating swapping out bad habits for good ones or making positive lifestyle changes people are only focused on what a scale says.

The scale is not an accurate measure of success, weight will constantly fluctuate due to all manner of things.

If you are a serial binge eater, normally miss breakfast, snack on biscuits, chocolate & crisps all day then eat a takeaway each night but then for 4 weeks you eat 3 square balanced meals per day containing protein, fats & veg should that not be celebrated more so than then a drop on the scale????

The kind of extreme approach to weight loss that shows like the Biggest Loser glamorise, are obviously not SUSTAINABLE (I was going to put it in there somewhere now wasn’t I)

By drastically cutting calories and at the same time burning more calories by adding exercise for 4 hours will wreak havoc on your body, yes you are in a calorie deficit which is needed for weight loss but there is no longevity to the kind of program.

The body will begin to shut as much energy expenditure down as possible, making burning calories even harder.

Metabolism & thyroid will slow to match the energy (calories) coming in, if you are only ingesting 1200cal per day then don’t expect your metabolism to be firing like it is burning 3000kcal. or at least not for very long.

The body is a survival machine, it will do everything it can to last for one more day, if it is not getting adequate nutrition then it will try to produce its own, It has 2 choices muscles or fats, muscle is easier to burn and this will again slow the bodies metabolic rate.

All this means is that when the metabolism and thyroid are moving at a snails pace and you dump a boat load of calories into the body it thinks ‘’well I can’t burn them, better store them!’’

These are obviously extreme cases but also in the same way a prime example of what some people will do, drastically cut calories way below what they are used to, say 1200cal, to illicit as much and as quick weight loss as possible, eventually the body slows to match this energy input, the weight loss stalls then any surplus calories now the body cannot process and a rebound of weight gain begins.

A more sensible approach would be to find out how many calories you are currently consuming then slowly and incrementally reduce them by around 200cal whenever weight loss stalls, you could also create the deficit through added exercise, so instead of having the hardship of only eating 1200cal per day you could eat 2000cal, burn 800 and be in the same position only fuller, happier and healthier!

Massively restricting calories just makes getting all the essential macronutrients into your diet so hard as this will cause you to spill over your ‘calorie budget’

People looking for weight loss need to thing long term over short term.

‘’I go on holiday in 12 weeks, best start tightening up on the treats’’


‘’I go on holiday in 2 weeks, best go on a crash diet’’

Lifestyle changes will add up to life long results which are surely much more attractive than restricting your entire life for a short period, feeling like crap, looking like an extra from the walking dead only to gain the weight back faster then Buddy Love did in the Nutty Professor?

Charity Events

Show us your Zumba and Spin love and move for Charity
During Katherine and Jackie’s time at Roko you have seen them complete various challenges.  A jaunt from Paris to Nottingham, a quick walk up the 3 peaks in Yorkshire, and a walk in bras round London, all in the name of Charity!

This year they have decided to complete the National 3 Peaks, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon hopefully in a time of 24 hours!

As part of their fundraising, on Saturday 11th June we are holding a charity Zumbathon from 10am to 12 midday.  2 hours of merengue, salsa, bachata and loads more funky Latin American tunes and dance routines with our special guest presenter Hannah Nisan. 

Additionally, do keep your eyes peeled for more information on our Spinathon which will take place on Saturday 4th June.

Action Medical Research is a British medical research charity that focuses on research to prevent and treat disease and disability in babies and children.

Please come along, bring your friends & family (members & non-members welcome!).  Start the weekend with some shimmying fun.  All we ask is for a £5 donation towards our nominated charity. 

Book your places by contacting Roko 0115 9827799.

Group Exercise News

We do hope you’ve seen the news that we’re introducing a brand new Pilates class on a Monday morning at 8.30am. The class starts from Monday 6th June and will be taken by Jackie, initially through June to see how it goes. We have looked in to the membership types of people attending our holistic classes and see there are a huge number of you who hold a peak/anytime membership. We are hoping that this earlier time will suit those of you who can attend and like to “get it out of the way” and will also then free up a number of spaces in Jeanette’s ever popular 9.30 class which we do know can get busy.

New In-house Physio at Roko – Welcome Chris Burton!

Chris’ past experience has seen him work as Head of Medicine and Sports Science for Scunthorope United FC, Peterborough United FC, Hull City AFC, and as Head Physiotherapist at Queens Park Rangers FC, Barnsley FC and physio to the academy at Nottingham Forest FC. Chris has also worked for England Athletics covering both national and international competitions.

I am a passionate chartered Physiotherapist with over 10 years clinical experience, mostly in high performance sport, predominantly football. I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. I am also a member of the Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapist’s (AACP), The Society of Orthopedic Medicine (SOM) and an active member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine (ACPSEM).

Prior to working within high performance sport, I worked in the NHS and private practice, completing a wide range of rotations within the NHS. The musculoskeletal rotations included musculoskeletal outpatients, advanced outpatients, A & E, spinal injuries, GP clinics, hydrotherapy, lower limb and upper limb gym rehabilitation and Orthopaedics (trauma and elective). I then progressed as a senior Band 6 MSK Physiotherapist within an outpatient clinic. Working in the NHS provided me with a thorough understanding of musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Although working within the NHS is a very different clinical setting to football, this experience was invaluable for my development as a Physiotherapist. I regard my background in conditioning and exercise science and fitness as an integral component in my approach as a Physiotherapist. When dealing with patients I utilise both areas of expertise. My background in exercise science allows me to integrate a wide variety of gym conditioning techniques into the rehabilitation or individual conditioning programme.

If you require any treatment, help with rehabilitation or just a sports massage contact Chris on 07805 493 133 or look up his Facebook page – Chris Burton Physiotherapy.                                     

Reception and Club Lounge

If you are an independent seller, or know someone who is and would like to take up the opportunity of table hire at Roko, we have availability 7 days a week from just £25 per half day with a full days also available.  

Please contact us on 0115 9827799

Swim Fin – Available from Reception

The Swim Fin back float is a new and novel swimming buoyancy aid for junior swimmers which makes learning to swim fun. Shaped like a shark fin it is easy to use for the new and experienced swimmer. With a new swimmer the swim fin back float gives uplift and support leaving the arms free for propulsion through the water. As the swimmers confidence grows the swim fin back float will raise out of the water as less support is required.

For the advanced swimmer in the horizontal position the swim fin back float is almost completely out of the water and because it is streamlined it will not impede movement through the water. But even after it has done its job as a learning aid, it will always find use as a water toy, strengthening ability and building confidence for your little swimmers.

New for Spring – Speedo Swim Wear & Confidence Toys
It is important to introduce infants to the water as soon as possible to promote confidence. Check out our range of confidence toys available for those who are new to the water up to those who are confident in the water but will develop swimming skills and introduce some competition.

Function Room Hire

Have you got an event coming up and looking for the perfect venue? Our function room is available for hire! Even if you don’t have any special events coming up, our prices are a reason to celebrate… members, book a party this month and get free room hire!!  Even if you’re not a member our prices are pretty hard to beat! 

The room is perfect for anything from birthday parties to anniversaries, with a flexible room layout and high capacity we can really tailor it to suit your needs.  If you would like some more information just ask at reception or give us a call at the club. Or alternatively send an email to:

New services launch night – 7th June 6-8pm
You are invited to an evening of demonstrations, mini treatments and trials of our new treatments and services we are offering at the Joshua Tree. Balmain hair extensions are an innovative method of adding volume, colour, creating texture or adding length to your hair. Book your bespoke complementary consultation with Louise, Alex and Sam. Our Spa team are now offering threading and eyelash extensions. Book in with Becca, Emma Lou and Charlie to experience complementary. Limited spaces on the night – appointments are on a first come first serve basis. Call us on 01159813111 for more information.

Joshua Tree Aveda Concept Salon and Spa
Next to Roko Health club
0115 9813111




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