Nottingham Newsletter Febuary 2018

5th February 2018 | Nottingham

Manager’s Message

As we welcome in February we hope that your new year’s resolutions have been not only achieved but you’re still going strong with whatever new goals you set yourself. It’s really important to have a goal and a focus in mind when you’re training. We’ve recently featured some of our members and some of our team members on facebook asking “why though”? What is your why when you train? Typically you’d need to ask yourself the same question, WHY, five times to really drill down to the goal and what it is you want. Try it…and then give us a shout if you’ve any questions.

There’s quite a bit going on at the club with new kids classes including rugby and football coaching, the introduction of a new premier partner in Forty Four restaurant and bar AND we’ve got ADJUST massage who will be setting up residency in the assessment room just off the gym floor. They’re offering a fantastic 15% off treatments for members throughout February so go see them to get any niggles sorted.

As always, we are on hand to support you through your health and fitness journey so write down your whys and come and see us!

Happy February!

Julie Bowley and Your Roko Nottingham Team

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T&C's: New PT clients only. Competition closes 14th February. Winner will be drawn and notified on 15th February. PT Sessions must be redeemed by 15th March

Fitness News

Adjust Massage Joins Roko!

Suffering from niggles that won’t go away? Then look no further.

From February 1st, Adjust Massage will be offering professional Sports Massage, Dry Needing, Gait Analysis & Biomechanics Assessments from the 1st Floor treatment room with 15% off for members throughout February!

Why not check us out at 

Benefit from a fantastic 10% discount as standard as a Roko member, simply show your membership card. Appointments will be available 7 days a week, across days, evening and weekends. Check out our team of wonderful therapists here.

Bookings will be taken online on our website from 1/2/18. In the meantime, for bookings/enquiries please call 0115 6972821

Clean Eating

We’d like to think that you’re still going strong with your resolutions…full of the joys of the New Year and new challenges. We also know that that probably isn’t true…January has been a LONG month and maybe enthusiasm has started to wane. Lots of people’s resolutions will surround food and not just eating better after all the excess, but eating clean. But what is “eating clean”…and does it have a dirty secret?


Clean eating has never really been defined and will differ depending on who you speak to. It has never been scientifically tested or validated and is open to interpretation. For some, it might be eating more fruit and veg. Simple. For others, clean might mean raw food, adopting veganism…a big jump between the two.

Clean eating has gained popularity as there has been so much conflicting information surrounding how we “should” eat…low carb? Or low fat? Gluten Free? Dairy? Non-Dairy? There’s something different each week, coupled with social media and people who have no nutritional background making a claim with absolute certainty. Inevitably the advice will be followed, in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing.

The problem comes with certain foods or food groups being demonised as bad, naughty or dirty. Lots of these foods should be staples in our diet or we risk consequences…consequences which are never discussed. Of course there are intolerances to foods which should be avoided by certain individuals but tools should be given to these people as to how they can still gain the nutrients needed. An example would be switching from cows milk to a plant or nut based milk. Calorie wise you’re looking at about the same for those who choose skimmed milk. For semi-skimmed, calories are a little higher. So maybe if a calorie deficit is your goal, a non-dairy milk wins. But…where are you getting your calcium from? There’s a very real risk of osteoporosis, particularly where people under the age of 30 are switching to a non-dairy alternative. Calcium is very important in the development of bones even up to the age of 30. The protein found in cows milk is also superior to that found in a plant based alternative.      

The basics of clean eating advocates cutting down on processed foods and increasing foods that naturally occur such as fruits and vegetables. Not a bad idea. But even within that you run the risk of demonising foods. Many processed foods are carbohydrate based so people will go the whole hog and cut out carbohydrates.  The problem with that is that our whole body needs carbohydrate as an energy source; organs like the lungs and liver need a steady stream of energy to maintain function and then our muscles, hearts and lungs require bursts of energy when we exercise…they are essential to us. The other downside to cutting carbs is you can feel awful…sluggish, have brain fog, and not actually have that much energy to train. Cutting out food groups can also create generalised anxiety around food, or a disrupted relationship with food, which can escalate very quickly and among other more serious issues, can lead to avoiding social eating.  

Along with avoiding dairy and carbohydrates, there are many other recommendations made by the clean eating movement.  Gluten has been targeted recently as “bad”. Gluten is a tiny protein found in a few grains, and is a dietary staple for many people. Unless you are intolerant to gluten, there is no need to drop it from your diet. The vegan diet is gaining huge popularity both for ethical and health reasons; however, with raw veganism which is also gaining popularity it is impossible to meet full nutritional requirements. Some clean eaters promote the alkaline diet, which is supposed to prevent excess acidity in the body. Your stomach acid has nearly the same pH as battery acid, and whatever you put in it is turned to acid. Your body works really hard to maintain its pH level, and it’s excellent at doing that. What you put in your mouth has no impact on the pH of your body.

So even if you are aiming to “eat clean”, keep some perspective. If you’re eating well 80 percent of the time, allow yourself to enjoy what you eat the other 20 percent of the time. We are social creatures and social eating is very important for our mental wellbeing. Research has shown that people with allergies or celiac disease can suffer a poorer quality of life because they can’t enjoy social eating in the same way as people who don’t suffer the same. Partly because they can’t eat certain food, and partly because they’re constantly worried about what they’re eating. And that’s what lots of people who don’t have allergies or who aren’t celiac are being encouraged to do.

Dietitians haven’t been saying anything new for a very long time, because nutrition is about balance. It’s not about cutting things out, it’s not about making people feel guilty for eating normal food.

Stick to the 80/20 theory, get plenty of green, leafy veg and fruit in to your meals, ensure you’re eating protein with every meal, go steady on the fats and depending on your goal, timing of starchy, complex carbs is crucial but they shouldn’t be cut out altogether.

Most people have a good idea of how to eat well. Eating is often less about what you put in your mouth than about why you put it in your mouth. It’s not that you don’t know that eating crisps or cake is not so good. It’s the “why” and “when” you eat them that you need to examine. If you’re eating cake when you’re out with your friends and having a nice time, then don’t feel guilty about it. If you’re eating a cake on your own at night, because you’re miserable, then it can become a problem. 

Premier Partners

Welcome to our latest premier partner, Forty Four, West Bridgford where you can eat, drink and party while enjoying 25% off food Tuesday to Friday. Complimentary soft drinks are also available for kids under the age of 15 who are dining. T&C's do apply, please check our website. You just need to show your membership card.

Just a reminder from our friends at Ego at the Dorset Arms and their exclusive – and really very good! – offer available to Roko members 

Children's Activities

Children’s Birthday Parties are back
If you’re looking for a birthday party venue, look no further!  Here at Roko we have 2 large studios and a splash pool to host your little ones parties.
Dance, football and pool activities along with set party menus are available.
For further details please contact

New Classes
We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Nottingham Rugby bringing a new rugby coaching session to studio 1 every Wednesday from 5pm.  2 of Nottingham rugby’s players will teach rugby skills, drills and there will be some games. For children aged 5 – 8 years old. We will also be teaming up with Nottingham rugby for the half term holidays…pick up a timetable in cub.

Splash sessions are also back on the timetable and will take place on a Sunday morning from 10.30 in the splash pool. Please book your child’s place at reception.

We are also finalizing details of kids football sessions for both Saturday mornings and holiday camps! Keep your eyes out in club!

The Joshua Tree

February – the month of love! Fall in love with our new hair colour; Aveda demi plus which is launching in February, a new vibrant way to colour your hair with added shine, condition and vibrancy.

We also have some treatment gift packages for valentines, Ask an Aveda professional about our Rose, Jasmine and Geranium gifts.

During February, we also have our special offer 3 treatments for £55 choose from 25 minute treatments back neck & shoulder massage, indian head massage, facial, express manicure or pedicure or body scrub. Available Monday to Thursday, every week!

Hotpod Yoga

We might be through the worst of January but it sure is still cold out there… not so behind the door to the left of the café in the pod! 

You’ll catch us inflating with immersive classes that are suitable for every body and every mind: ladies, gentlemen, beginners, seasoned professionals, in fact anyone over 16! You need only bring water and a towel to enjoy the unique immersion that is a Hotpod Yoga class – an active and passive flow of postures in our other-worldly 20 person inflatable Pod – heated to 37 degrees to supercharge the yoga experience. Afterwards? Your mind will be a little calmer; your body a little looser, and yes – you’ll be a whole lot sweatier.  With 29 classes to choose from every week there really is something for every body.  Book online


As a Roko member you can get 10% off Hotpod class passes. Just email with your name and we will do the rest.

Not sure which class to choose?

Depends what you want to get out of your 60 minutes in the pod…

Want to sweat?  Feel like you have done a workout?  Maybe never been on a yoga mat before, or you might already be familiar with yoga in or out of the heat?  Hotpod Flow is open to all levels, you will sweat, stretch, build core strength and stability, and there is a mix of active and passive flowing posture work.

Want to sweat more?  Push yourself with trickier transitions and learn more technically challenging postures and arm balances?  Pretty experienced working in the heat and confidently know your way around a yoga mat? Maybe looking for the next challenge?  Then Dynamic Flow is for you!

Don’t mind warmly glowing but no crazy, sweaty flowing?  Like floor based stretches? Maybe needing some deeper soft tissue work to balance your marathon training?  Maybe needing to work on joint mobility as part of rehab?  Need to de-stress from a busy day?  See you at Nurturing Flow, possibly our best kept secret...

… and 3 classes to be used in 14 days for just £13.50 for Roko member newcomers to the pod (with your discount code)

Definitely feeling the hotpod love this February

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