Nottingham Newsletter February 2016

1st February 2016 | Nottingham

Manager’s Welcome

We’re one month into the New Year and many of you have been busy for the last 4 weeks getting on the New Year fitness vibe and making it happen for 2016. As we move into February it’s now time to up it a gear and get it nailed… Helen our director of health and fitness has given us some great tips in this month’s newsletter to help you stay on track.

It’s also half term this month too so we’re expecting to be busy, there’ll be an updated timetable with junior activities for half term so keep an eye out in club for that, as well as some Valentines fun in the club lounge.

Well done for making January happen and let’s make February fabulous #makeithappen

Julie Bowley
General Manager and your Roko Nottingham Team

Buddy Week

8th - 14th February
Working out with a friend makes you more likely to achieve your goals. And during February you can nominate a friend to join you at the club for a whole week for free.

So nominate a friend to workout with you for FREE between 8th and 14th February.

Click here to nominate your friend now:

Fitness News

It’s time to nail your fitness! Research (and common sense!) says that your commitment to exercise is all about satisfaction so it’s time to suss out what does (and doesn’t) do it for you.

The level of satisfaction you feel when you do something is what keeps you doing it and exercise is no different. 50% of people who start a new exercise regime drop out in the first six months so it is imperative you know the pitfalls before you start. A recently published study by Penn State University looked at themes that impact your satisfaction with exercise. Intensity, social connection and perceived competence came up as the most significant.

Let’s look at INTENSITY. Starting hot and heavy is the first mistake. If you’re a beginner and you start with high intensity you could damage your relationship with exercise. Working out above your ability will result in some very real discomfort and when this happens, you’ll associate exercise with stress, anxiety or pain instead of the really good things it does for you. While you may give your short-term self the workout of your life, you might also do permanent damage to the way you view and enjoy exercise. However, this is not an excuse to cruise through your workouts of choice, just advice to not jump off the cliff…not immediately anyway! Know what you’re capable of and increase your intensity over time.

SOCIAL CONNECTION means something different to everyone but this doesn’t lessen its importance. For some just looking around the gym and recognising that everyone is in the same sweaty boat is enough. For others, a personal connection is important. If you feel this way and you’ve never tried it before, jump in to one of our group exercise classes and introduce yourself to the instructor. They love the personal connection when it comes to exercise too – it’s why they do what they do (and why our instructors are very good at it too!). A big group may not be for you but personal training also provides a social edge to your workout, but, it’s a little more, um, personal.

COMPETANCE is where it gets a bit more complex and we have to think a little bit about psychology. A fear of underperforming or not being competent is not uncommon and a lack of confidence, if bought to the gym can be detrimental to your motivation and how you feel about exercise. If low confidence is something that plagues you when it comes to your fitness goals then personal training can give you back your edge as clear direction will be given throughout the 60 minute session. The same is true of group exercise as the cueing from the instructor tells you exactly what to do at any given moment. Another tip for competence is acknowledging the level at which you can perform a certain exercise. If an instructor – group exercise, in the gym or personal trainer – tells you to do push ups and you can only do them on your knees then do them on your knees. You will build strength and eventually you will get on your toes. Getting on your toes too soon could result in you giving up altogether.

If you’re just starting your fitness journey or if you’re a veteran of the gym but fancy some new challenges start the smart way, have some self-awareness and find out what satisfies you. That way, you’re much more likely to succeed and not become one of the 6 month drop-out statistics. If you’re unsure about what best works for you then book in for a Touch Base with a member of our fitness team and they’ll get you on your way!

Group Exercise News
Group Exercise is going strong here at Roko Nottingham and our class bookings certainly demonstrate that which is why we’ve had to get a little bit strict.

You have hopefully seen – and read! – Our notices outside the studios and heard this from our instructors that state our new policy. Where classes are fully booked with waiting lists we are finding that some are still running below 100% attendance…which doesn’t really add up and is frustrating to you and us. Unfortunately, some members do not cancel their place on classes when they cannot attend. This means that in CYCLonE for example, this results in empty bikes for the class but with some people still on the waiting list – who could have attended. It’s not really fair is it? So, we kindly ask and remind you to be courteous to your fellow members and please cancel your place if you cannot attend your chosen class. Instructors have been asked to take note of who has booked but not attended and this will be passed to our reception team and on to the group exercise manager.  Through our membership system you will lose booking privileges for classes for the next 7 days. The only way you will be able to attend a class is if you have arrived and there are spaces. UPDATE We’ve received some feedback regarding this and are reviewing this policy as we speak…instructors have been asked to collect their booking lists closer to the time of their class starting and we’ve put measures in place with our reception team as we understand some members have been issued with a booking ban incorrectly. We’re really sorry about that and hope that these new measures combat that in some way. We will constantly review this as we know it will be hard to get it right first time.

We have also heard in you in your many (many!) comment cards about some of our classes recently and most of you will have been informed already or will have heard about our mid-term changes which take effect from Monday 1st Feb…

Friday Body Combat is now a 60 minute class running from 6pm – 7pm. Body Pump will still run for 45 minutes at the later time of 7pm, finishing at 7.45pm. This change takes effect Friday 5th February.

Also coming in February we’ve a unique, new class for you to try with Adult Ballet being added to our Thursday evening group exercise timetable. Classes will be taught by professional ballerina and teacher Katie Fazakerley who trained at the Royal Ballet School and who currently runs adult classes in and around West Bridgford. Katie has this to say about the classes… 

“Have you ever wanted to move like a ballet dancer, glide with grace; have excellent posture and long lean muscle definition? Here is your chance.

Starts Thursday 26th February from 6.45 – 7.45pm in Studio 2. Come along and instantly improve your fitness with a fun, creative and rewarding class using Classical Ballet technique and exercises to improve and strengthen your posture and balance, flexibility, stamina, core strength and muscular definition”

We’re really excited about this addition to our timetable and hope you will enjoy the class that will focus on the cardio aspects of ballet in Petite Allegro and Grande Allegro. As the weeks progress, Katie will be introducing Floor Barre which will be fantastic for body conditioning but also specific to ballet helping to improve the natural turnout of the hips and to strengthen the back. If you would like further information please contact Katie on 07541 456 268 or Classes do come with an additional charge at £4 per class for members. Non-members are also welcome for £5 so you can bring a friend along too.

Group Training
From Bumpalicious to Mamalicious! – Pre and post-natal Workshop
Finding out your pregnant can be very daunting… What should we be doing? Is there anything we should avoid? And there’s so much conflicting information out there.

Come join us in our 2 hour workshop where you will be given the education and the tools to continue your fitness programme through your pregnancy and beyond – the workshop is also suitable for ladies who have recently given birth.

We will be dispelling myths surrounding exercise and pregnancy, practising posture perfect exercises and investigating the musculature from the deep core to the pelvic floor.

Places are limited so early booking is recommended. Members £15, non-members are welcome at a cost of £18. Please contact Reception to book your place or if you’d like further information on the courses suitability for you, please contact Jackie at

It’s the Roko Promise; Get Fit Stay Fit through your pregnancy and beyond.

Project YOU! – The Project Returns!

Late last year, we struck upon the idea that the best project you will ever work on is you. Now if you’ve been a regular through our doors in January that project is still in full swing but maybe you’d like an extra push to continue. Perhaps last month never really got off the ground for you but you’re now totally ready to begin. Or, it’s quite possible that you’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions and need a bit of a kick up the bum to get started.

Fitter. Leaner. Stronger. Healthier.
Your Health
Your Fitness
Your Body
6 weeks intensive training, workouts to do in your own time and nutritional support all starts Wednesday 17th Feb at 6.15pm all for just £45.  
Book your place at Reception or contact for further information

Swimming News

Hi all, it’s Julie Bramhall the new Swimming Co-Ordinator. As many of you know I’m new to Roko and I’m responsible for the running of the Swimming programme and managing the swimming team. I’ve already met or spoken to a number of you and now look forward to engaging with more of you.

This terms group lessons have now started and there are still a few spaces available to book in most class levels so if you would like to get started then please get in touch at reception or email me personally

The children are all currently working on learning and improving the stroke techniques, building confidence and water awareness and developing water skills. There efforts will be rewarded by gaining badges and certificates towards the end of the term.

If you would like to find out more about the ASA National Teaching Plan please visit

Tiny Teddies at Roko

Have a peep at our February half term plan, we have lots of activities and trips planned your little ones to enjoy, so please book your place ASAP to avoid disappointment.
Nursery offer:  Register between January 18th - March 31st and receive 20% off your first 2 months fees.
Monday 15th: Activities and games in the studio
Tuesday 16th: Making pizza and cakes
Wednesday 17th: Swimming
Thursday 18th: Trip to the local duck pond and park
Friday 19th: Crazy creative day

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