Nottingham Newsletter August 2018

6th August 2018 | Nottingham

Manager’s Welcome

Ahhh, the six weeks holidays…the kids are full of beans and you’re tearing your hair out! Book the kids in for our Bootcamp classes this summer, running every Monday and Friday from 09.30am to 11.30am so they can – hopefully! – tire themselves out. Don’t forget to book them in!

We are delighted to now have the chiller unit installed and once again having a cool gym floor for you to work out in. We do appreciate your patience during the difficult period of the exceptional heatwave temperatures.

For those of you who love to hate press ups our fitness article this month focusses on getting stronger at press ups. If you want any further hints or tips, please speak to our fitness team who are on hand and happy to help.

If you’d rather dance your cares away Miss Gold workshops are back! If you missed the Spice Girls special, then Britney is coming up next! Details and how to book are included in the newsletter.

Whatever you’re up to this August, enjoy your summer.

Julie Bowley and your Roko Nottingham Team 

Member Referral

Tell Your Friends & Family - 2 Weeks at Roko For Just £20
You are more likely to achieve your fitness goals when you work out with a buddy. And right now your friends can spend 2 weeks with you at Roko with a no commitment trial membership. Tag your friends on our 2 week Facebook post or email them this link:

Don't forget that your friends with children can also make the most of this offer falling during the Summer Holidays by purchasing a child's 2 week membership in club for just £10.

Roko App

Reasons to use the app:
Using the Roko app gives you 8 days in advance class booking.
You can book your rokofit. sessions via the app: gymfit. stayfit. classfit. familyfit.
All club timetables are available on the app.

Please click here for full details on how to register once you have downloaded the app.
*Please remember to cancel your place if you can no longer attend.

Fitness News

Studio Challenge - Complete and Claim a 7 Day Pass for a Friend
Our studio challenge is back this month…it’s simple. Mix up your usual classes and try something you wouldn’t normally try…

Zumbaholic? Why not give Body Jam a try.
Pump Princess? Try and Body Balance or Yoga class to stretch out those super strong muscles.

Get out there and enjoy mixing up your workouts throughout August. Better yet, complete 4 classes a week for the month and claim a free 7 day pass for a friend! Collect your record sheet from reception!

For many people, press-ups conjure up a sense of dread, which is no surprise given they have long-been associated with intimidating fitness drills or as a punishment. However, despite their reputation press-ups have secured their place as an exercise staple, and are as equally loved as they are hated around the world.

That doesn’t stop the common regression of performing a press-up on your knees from copping a fair bit of flack with some believing that they are an ineffective exercise that won’t get you any stronger.

However, a new study published in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics clears up the conflict, showing that both the toe and knee variations of the press-up are worthwhile. The findings are very encouraging; with the study demonstrating that the overall ratio of muscle activation in the upper body when you do a press-up on your knees or toes is actually the same. It shows that knee press-ups are a valuable alternative if you cannot perform a press-up on your toes with good form for many repetitions.

So whether you can smash sets on your toes or stick to your knees, press-ups are a move you need to love!

What makes press-ups so good?
Press-ups are much more than just an upper body exercise. They work the pecs, deltoids and triceps while strengthening the muscles of the core. On top of improved upper body definition press-ups build muscular endurance and create lean muscle mass that improves overall fitness and good health.

When compared to the bench press, another popular chest exercise, press-ups provide more effective functional training; Study participants generated 50 percent more activation in the abdominals during press-ups compared to bench press repetitions with parallel weight.

The Best Press-Up Technique
There’s no dispute that the most effective press-ups are press-ups on your toes, as they engage a greater amount of activation in the muscles of the upper body and core – demanding whole body integration. However, press-ups on your toes can be pretty challenging and many people, especially older adults or individuals new to exercise, cannot safely complete multiple press-ups on their toes. All too often the hips and neck are not aligned properly and consequently the risk of injury outweighs the rewards. If you struggle to lower yourself towards the ground in a full push-up position, don’t give up or feel discouraged. Performed correctly, and consistently, be confident that press-ups on your knees are an effective modification.

How To Progress From Press-Ups On Your Knees To On Your Toes
The good news is that if you do enough press-ups on your knees you’ll be up on your toes in no time. The muscle activation in knee and toe press-ups is the same so if you consistently perform enough press-ups on your knees to reach a point of fatigue you will soon become strong enough to do them on your toes.

If you feel confident doing 16 or more press-ups on your knees, you can start to try some on your toes and see how you feel. If you need to, you can revert back to your knees until you gradually build up your strength over time to be able to do as many as you need to on your toes.

When building up the number of press ups you can do on your knees, start in a plank position and drop your knees where they are – as in the image above – as opposed to bringing your knees directly under your hips. From this position you’re able to tuck your toes and press in to the floor using your feet also – this is going to mimic the position you would be in on your toes and allow you to better engage the core and glutes which are also active in full press ups. Be aware to keep your hips in line with your shoulders – make sure they aren’t creeping up or down and ensure you are initiating the movement by bending at the elbows.   

If you’d like any help with your press ups, please see a member of the fitness team or chat to your class instructor.                                                                                                                  

Children's News

The summer holidays are here and while the kids are excited for their six weeks of fun, we know you’re just wondering how not to tear your hair out!

We’re running bootcamp sessions on Monday and Friday mornings throughout August from 09.30 to 11.30am giving you time to do a class or gym and swim. Be sure to book your kids in to these sessions to avoid disappointment. If your kids aren’t members but you are, or if they want to bring a friend who isn’t a member, you can book them in for £6; this covers you for the day so if the energy levels are there, you could even take the kids swimming afterwards. And don’t forget the 3 day football camp with Canoville Coaching – details below…

Football Coaching
Bookings are now open for Canoville’s football summer holiday camp which will run from Monday 20th August to Wednesday 22nd August from 9am – 3pm. Kids will need a water bottle and a packed lunch. Roko members receive 25% discount on the summer camps with a second sibling able to join in for 50%!

Office No. 01158 749719

the Joshua Tree

“If my hair looks good I can deal with anything”

Our team of stylist are highly experienced in working with all hair types and texture. After a personalised consultation, enjoy an Aveda Sensory Journey using natural essential oils and a Stress-Relieving Scalp and Shoulder Ritual before your service.

Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Colour
Our colour uses plant power instead of petrochemicals and is manufactured with 100% certified wind power; immerse your hair in up to 99% naturally derived formulas for essentially damage free results.

Botanical Therapy Hair Treatment Services (all hair types includes a blow-dry & scalp massage)
Innovative plant micro technology penetrates strands for intense moisture and repair with customised treatments to meet your personal needs-restoring balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair.

60 minutes £45.00

Glossing Service
99% naturally derived treatment – with a soothing lavender aroma. Choose from either a clear gloss or a customised colour gloss to enhance your hair with extra shine.

From £25.00

All our colour prices include an Express Blow Dry with a member of our New Talent Team. There may be an additional charge in cases of long/ thick hair.

FANCY AN UPGRADE? Check out our styling & blow dry prices.

Travel Essentials from £20.00

Fortify damaged hair with Quinoa protein, wheat protein and soy oil, to instantly repair, protect and strengthen stressed hair with the Damage Remedy pack. £20.00, worth £27.00

Greet the day feeling vibrant, loving your colour and preserving its vibrancy with Colour Conserve, also £20.00.

Reduce hair loss with 98% naturally derived  Invati Men – 4 out of 5 men say their hair feels stronger and looks thicker - Invati Men Thicken & Invigorate £24.50 worth £33.00

Mix it up with Aveda’s ultimate styling essentials. Create 3 different looks with the Style and Texturise kit, £20.00.

HotPod News

… we are loving the summer weather and keeping the temperatures
at a toasty 37 degrees all through August in the pod….


We will be open as usual this August bank holiday weekend, same hours as the main Roko building so classes on bank holiday Monday are:

09:30am | 5:00pm | 6:30pm




Our intro offer for newcomers is a great deal and runs all year long: 

3 classes over 14 days for £13.50 with your Roko member discount.

Message if you haven’t claimed your personal discount code yet



The perfect way to set yourself up for the week ahead.

For those who want to get their sweat on and feel like they have done a workout: the 5pm Hotpod Flow class is the one for you on a Sunday evening.

For those who want a deep, relaxing stretch out and total relax:  check out Hotpod Nurturing Flow at 6.30pm on Sundays. 

And a lot of people do both!  Best of both worlds.


If you want to learn more about our schedule either download our app Hotpod Yoga or head on over to and if you prefer to talk to a real person, call Sarah on 07958 466 019.

Hope to see you in the pod soon.

Adjust Massage






If you answer YES to any of the following then you need a Sports Massage!

Do you carry a heavy handbag?
Work at a desk?
Drive long distances?
Carry a child on one hip?
Exercise regularly?

Sports Massage isn’t just for people who play sports, we help everyday people with issues such as a stiff neck, tight shoulders, tired lower legs or lower back pain.

Early Mornings, Late Nights, Weekends - don’t forget our team of qualified therapists have appointments before work, after work and at weekends to suit all schedules! BOOK NOW

Don’t forget that as a Roko member you get 10% off our treatments at Roko as standard.

Get more Active with Biomechanics Testing 

Suffering from persistent pain that is getting in the way of your training or day-to-day life? Then biomechanics testing may just be the answer.

Check out our latest biomechanics blog to learn more on how we can help you to move better.

CALLING ALL GOLFERS - we will soon be offering Golf Biomechanics Assessments - watch this space. 

Miss Gold Dance Workshops

The first Thursday of the month in Studio 1 belongs to Miss Gold and her dance workshops. Learn numbers and dance routines to the most iconic of pop music, musical theatre and film. August, September and October workshops will be available to book soon…take a look at whats in store!

Spice Girls - Thursday 2nd August 7.45 – 9.15pm

Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are, Spice Up Your Life...if these songs get you feeling all kinds of dancey vibes then this workshop is for you.

Think 90s pop, high energy and fun! This dance workshop will see us taking a trip back to the 90s as we learn a medley of the Spice Girls biggest and best dance numbers.

The routine will be broken down into steps and taught from beginning to end. At the end of the 90 minutes you will be confidently channelling your inner pop princess.  The workshop will conclude with an in class performance (which can be recorded if you so wish….)

Spaces limited to 25, early booking recommended.

Britney - Thursday 6th September 7.45 – 9.15pm

Ooops! We did it again. SO excited to be teaching this workshop in September; think strut walking, shoulder shimmying, and bum wiggling. Now is your chance to nail the moves of the ultimate princess of pop in a fun and welcoming environment.

Her biggest dance numbers will feature in this megamix of Britney classics, you’ll finally have the moves to match the songs that you can’t get enough of!

The routines will be broken down into steps and taught from beginning to end. At the end of the 90 minutes you will be confidently channelling your inner Britney b*tch. The workshop will conclude with an in class performance (which can be recorded if you so wish….)

Spaces limited to 25, early booking recommended.

Dirty Dancing Thursday 4th October 7.45 – 9.15pm

Do You Love Me, Hungry Eyes, The Time of My Life… if these songs make you want to channel your inner Strictly star and dance to one of the most iconic sound tracks ever then this workshop is one for you.

This dramatic and upbeat class incorporates salsa, the cha cha, and mambo, giving you a full and fun dance class to beat the best of Strictly! You will fulfil your dance fantasies to Latin, jazz and other themed dance moves from the film / musical.

The routines will be taught from beginning to end and at the end of the 90 minutes you will be confidently nailing this sexy musical medley. The workshop will conclude with an in class performance (which can be recorded if you so wish….)

Spaces limited to 25, early booking recommended.

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