Nottingham Newsletter August 2017

1st August 2017 | Nottingham

Manager’s Welcome 

So allegedly it’s the summer but recently it’s all been looking a bit grey and murky, let’s hope that clears up for the kids break from school! If you are struggling to keep the little darlings entertained we’ve a selection of activities for them to join in with this month and many at the same time as our group exercise classes so you can get your fix while they run off some energy.

You’ve also the opportunity to add your child on to your membership from just £9.99 a month with one months’ notice to cancel. An ideal short term solution! A number of classes on our group exercise timetable are now accessible by teens aged 12 years and up (some from 14+) provided a parent or guardian is also taking part in the class giving you more opportunity to get fit and stay fit as a family.

Please see an important update regarding our Car Park Layout in this Newsletter, letters are also available in club for you to pick up

We’ve been working hard to maintain and bring in some new Premier Partners so you can enjoy some added benefits to your membership. Spec Savers in West Bridgford is one recent addition offering you a free eye test, your first month free on contact lens direct debit, 25% off a single pair of glasses or an additional 10% off on any active glasses offer. You’ve probably also seen the new Audi’s outside the club. Member offers from Audi will change and will be displayed on the cars outside so keep your eyes peeled for an offer that suits you!

We’re also delighted to welcome back our sporting partners from Nottingham Forest, Notts County and Nottingham Panthers who will be training with us again for another season. We’ve just recently joined up with Nottingham Rugby who you will also see training in the club; Nottingham Rugby will also be offering some coaching sessions for kids so keep an eye out in club for those. Plus, flash competitions on Facebook to win tickets to some of the matches these teams will be playing this season. 

Best wishes for the summer,

Julie Bowley and your Roko Nottingham Team

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Car Park Update

Important Information
On the 14th August we will be commencing changes to our car park to improve security. It is anticipated that the work will be ongoing for three days. Recently we have experienced difficulties with Travellers using our car park and fields.  To minimise future risk we are installing height restrictor barriers. We have taken advice and the attached option provides the best solution

We still need to ensure that members and guests who use high sided vehicles can still access the car park. Therefore the first half of the first bay, highlighted on the plan will be for High-Sided vehicles only and will be signposted accordingly.

We really need your co-operation with this new layout to keep our car park secure for our members and guests.  Non-high-sided vehicles are to use the remainder of the car park. A large scale plan is also displayed in reception and there should be minimum disruption when installation happens.

Fitness News

Injury or Rehab – Fitness Tips and Motivators

Injuries can happen. It can be through pushing too hard, or through what feels like a random occurrence. Whatever the reason, here are five tips to help.

1. Be smart. Get expert advice and follow their recommendations to the letter. You will heal quicker and know what you can do and shouldn't do to aid your recovery. While the advice may frustrate you and isn’t necessarily what you would want to hear, long term, you will thank yourself for listening.

2. Accept your injury and move on. Staying positive can influences healing time frames. 

3. Focus on what you can do and not on what you can't. If you’ve injured your leg running the advice will likely be to lay off the running – along with additional rehab exercises. This will be tough to hear because you’re passionate about running and it probably helps you de-stress as well. Use this as an opportunity to try something new and to add something to your fitness programme that may even be beneficial to your running – yoga for example and some strength training (that wouldn’t aggravate the injury further!). The outcome after a few weeks of not running will hopefully be that you can return to running. The strength and yoga – if taken up – will help build/maintain your strength and add a new dimension to your training that may have been missing before.

4. The injury will heal in time; time to practise some patience and put things into perspective.

5. Use self-awareness to catch out negative thoughts. If you focus on a "poor-me syndrome" then you can spiral into a depressed state. Where your thoughts go, your energy flows. Try seeing adversity as a challenge and grow from that.

Children’s Activity News

Don't forget, you can add a child to your membership from just £9.99 a month with one months’ notice to cancel. An ideal short term solution! A number of classes on our group exercise timetable are now accessible by teens aged 12 years and up (some from 14+) provided a parent or guardian is also taking part in the class giving you more opportunity to get fit and stay fit as a family.

We’ve got a host of activities taking place this summer for the kids from activity sessions outdoors to splash sessions in the pool. For the first time we’re also bringing you a summer dance camp. Classes will take place every Friday at 10.45 from the 4th of August led by Perri; Perri has recently graduated from the Urdang Academy of Dance in London and is very excited to share her knowledge and passion for dance and musical theatre with you. We’ve also got Keeley, an FA approved coach delivering football sessions on Tuesdays 1st and 8th and Thursdays 3rd and 10th of August. Sessions will take place form 1.00 – 2.30pm and will focus on basic skills and tactics of the game.

For the full timetable please pick up a copy in club or visit our website where all timetables can be found. If your child would like to bring a friend to activities this summer and the friend isn’t a member, they can come and join in for just £4 a class.

Swimming News

Farewell & thank you to Francis she has now left the team to pursue her career in Canada, we wish her all the best and welcome Jess on board who will be teaching her lessons on a Friday afternoon.

Great News! 
We now have an additional FitBody Swim class up and running on a Friday evening at 6.30pm, come along and enjoy a session of fun and fitness with Georgina who always seems to have sweet treats on poolside! Not sure if this is an indication of how hard she works everyone but worth finding out!

Adult group lessons
Still a few spaces left on a Monday evening for the beginners and improvers lessons 7.15-7.45pm, improvers 7.45-8.15pm, the new term started on Monday 24th July and we do still have a few spaces left, give us a call and book yours today!

Group swimming lessons have now finished for this term (30.07.17) and great to see old and new swimmers achieving awards and moving up to the next stages. The next term stared on Monday 31st July and will run for 10 weeks. The last date to pay was Sunday 23rd July, so we have now opened up for the waiting list to book in and anyone else who would like a place. Do get in touch if you’d like a place – it may not be too late.

New classes
Stage 9/Competitive swimming  Sunday at 11am- this will be a 45 minute lesson to concentrate on fitness/distance swimming along with the technical side of swimming and training, to book please contact reception, the price will be the same as the standard group lessons for the first term.

Swimming Clinic 30 minute lesson with video analyses to help you correct those imperfections you know you have but don’t know what to do about them - so much easier once you have seen them! Contact for more information.

Happy Swimming
Roko Swim Team

Joshua Tree News

Aveda Stress Fix
For many of us, stress has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Increasing demands on our time, work and home life commitments, relationships, the economy, the news, can all affect our levels of stress. Avoiding stress is not always easy so finding solutions that can help combat symptoms of stress can improve our physical and mental wellbeing. Here are some simple self-help activities to help restore the calm:

Controlled breathing keeps the mind & body functioning at their best, it can also lower blood pressure, promote a feeling of calm & help us de-stress.

A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety.

Massage offers numerous health benefits & relieves the symptoms of stress. Studies have found that massage therapy can reduce pain, promote muscle relaxation& improve both mood & sleep quality.

Book in with our ‘Stress fix’ experts this August for 60 minutes for £55 or 90 minutes for £75. Call 01159813111 or book online.

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