Gillingham newsletter - January 2016

29th January 2016 | Gillingham

Manager’s Welcome

Welcome to 2016. You made it! The single biggest obstacle to you looking and feeling healthier is out of the way so now is the time to re-build good habits. Well done to all those people who kept their routines going through December - you have a head start!

Our Fitness news section has advice on how to make your good intentions last all year round and not just the first month. For some of us it is more about ‘revolution’ than resolution but not all changes need to be that drastic. We would much prefer you set realistic goals that you can beat and improve on than set yourself up for disappointment by expecting too much of yourself. The old notion of a busy first three months and a quiet April onwards is quite out of date now as people are much better at setting reasonable goals and staying motivated for longer.

Having said that, there is a marked difference between December and January and you will find extra pressure in some areas. To counter this we are adding twenty extra classes a week to the timetable and increasing staff numbers. If you struggle to find a space in the carpark please don’t block lanes – which just makes the issue worse – park on the B&Q carpark and walk down to the club.

Lastly I’d encourage you not to go it alone if you don’t have to. It has been proved that exercising with a friend means you are more likely to achieve your goals and enjoy the process even more. Speak to a member of the team if you have a friend who you think you will enjoy working out with.

Good luck, I look forward to you being a big step closer to your goals by the next newsletter!

Rob Brownsword and Your Roko Team

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Car Parking
We know the year will start busier than normal as everybody puts that extra twenty per cent of effort into their exercise. If you reach the club and can’t find a space to park please don’t obstruct the road and make things harder. B&Q carpark is available for you to use. While it is a three minutes more walking to get us, remember why you are here!

Spa Notice
We have had to close the spa a few times this year and when we have investigated it appears the spa jet casings spaced around the area have been twisted an cracked – breaking the seal between the spa shell and the pipework. The shower jets do not adjust by turning, all this will do is cause us to need to close the spa for several days as the pipework is replaced.

Membership Cards
The reception desk will be busier than normal, as people try new classes and increase their visits. If you have forgotten your card, please bear in mind that there may be a short wait at reception and if possible remember your card. All members need to be recorded properly to make sure we provide the right services at the right times.

Fitness News

Fitness Tip – Forming Habits
It is commonly believed that it takes twenty one days to form a habit. In reality, it takes as long as it takes! For some people that might be a week for others a lifetime. The key to success is in recognising the stages of forming a regular behaviour and fight through to the tough times. Do any of these seem familiar?

The Honeymoon: Stage one, where everything seems easy and you think "no problem, I could keep this up all year."

The Fight Through: Stage two, where obstacles get in the way and old habits are really easy to slip back into.

Second Nature: Stage three, where good behaviour comes naturally and just needs to be maintained.

The trick is to "fight through" two or three times. To first recognise these obstacles for what they are. Then ask yourself the question "How will I feel if I beat this?" compared to "How will I feel if I give up now?" If this doesn’t help, project yourself forward five years and imagine what your life will be like if you do look and feel better or what your life will be like if you don’t make a change.

Once you’ve done this, not only will you be in the habit of regular exercise, you’ll also know you can "fight through" the tough times and make a lasting change in your life. It isn’t easy but we are here to make it easier. The next time you get a challenging moment, ask us for help. We have an almost limitless supply of ideas to motivate and inspire you.

Studio News

Our new timetable starts on Monday 4th January. Please pay particular attention to slight time changes on Saturday morning, this was to accommodate the new family activities. We will be reviewing the timetable each month to see how we can improve it. Please make sure your attendance is recognised by letting reception know if you jump into a class on the day.

The Spa

Get your 2016 off to a kick start with our January special offer, one of our favourite combination treatments.

Deep Tissue Back, neck and shoulder massage and Elemis Express Facial for just £35, saving £19!!!

During the massage we will focus on pressure points, relieving stress and muscle tension using pre blended aromatherapy oils. Then moving on to the facial we will decide on specific products to suit your skin type bringing back the glow to your complexion, rebalancing and giving it a moisture boost to restore your skin to its natural radiance.

To continue your skin care routine at home we also have the amazing New Daily Cleansing Essentials collections available in January; these are cleanser toner duos with a travel size Pro-Radiance illuminating flash balm and introducing the brand new product the ‘Nourishing omega rich cleansing oil.’ These range from £34.50-£38.50, and we have 4 sets available:

Hydrating (£34.50)

Resurfacing (£38.50)

Sensitive (£34.50)

Radiance (£38.50)

If you received a Gift voucher for Christmas it can go towards your treatments or any products that you treat yourself to!

Keep up to date with any of our monthly and daily offers with our Roko Gillingham Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you and making the start of the New Year a great one for you!

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