COVID-19 Roko Health Clubs Update

20th March 2020 | Chiswick | Gillingham | Nottingham | Portsmouth | York

20th March 2020

Further to this evening's announcement by the UK Government we are required to close our Health clubs for an unknown period of time to assist in the prevention of the spread of Covid-19.

This will take place from tonight, Friday 20th March 2020, at our current closing time and we will then re-open when we are given permission to do so. We will of course notify you as soon as we can in advance of that time.

What does this mean for your membership?
We will automatically suspend your membership; you don’t need to do anything.
• With immediate effect your subscription will be frozen without charge and will then recommence when we open again at the same rate you are currently paying for the remainder of your contracted term. Naturally you will not be charged any suspension fees.
• Any suspended months will be added to your contracted period of membership in line with our normal terms and conditions.
• Any courses you have paid for, such as swimming, will be frozen and restarted when we re-open. You won’t lose out.
• Any vouchers purchased that are currently valid as of this date will be extended to account for the period of closure.

Stay in touch and stay active
As a member of Roko Health Clubs you already know how important it is to stay active and healthy and we want that to continue during this period of self isolation.

• We will be providing a range of online content to help you stay active. We will send details of this to you in the next few days.
• If you haven’t already, please download the Roko App. It will be the main channel for our online content including daily workouts, challenges, programmes and other content.
• Follow us on Facebook. We will also provide help and assistance here and you can stay in touch with us.

We’re in this together and all our teams will miss serving you in club but we look forward to helping you remotely instead. We very much hope you and your loved ones remain in good health and we look forward to seeing you again once this period of social distancing is over.

With very best regards

Neil Stanton
Operations Director
Roko Health Clubs

17th March 2020
With the constantly evolving situation in the UK we will continue to adapt our operations to maintain the very best environment for you.

Following the statement from the Prime Minister and his scientific advisers yesterday, we are taking the Government’s advice very seriously and have made changes to our operations which will help ensure the health and safety for our members and teams.

We will remain open, and from March 18th the following procedures will be in place to assist social distancing at our clubs, following the Government advice:

• Our Roko Club Lounge will be shut until further notice.
• We are closing our Sauna, Steam rooms and Spa facilities.
• All group exercise classes will be reduced in capacity so that there is greater space between those that attend.
• Classes will be reduced by 10 minutes to allow enough time for studios and equipment to be thoroughly cleaned between sessions.
• CV equipment will be separated / isolated so there is more space between exercisers.
• More cleaning materials will be provided in Club along with additional signage to encourage members to wipe down all equipment before and after its use.
• Members should maintain a safe distance between other exercisers and should not interact face-to-face when training with a buddy.
• Some class styles will be adapted or removed from the timetables such as Circuits and HIIT sessions where equipment is shared.
• We are making some minor adjustments to Club closing times during this period, these hours are on the website and App.

These steps are in addition to the measures that we have already implemented to help minimise risks to our staff and members.

As we have already detailed in previous communications, please make sure that you:

• Catch it, bin it, kill it. Use tissues if you cough or sneeze and make sure you wash your hands frequently using soap and water. It is the most effective way to stop the spread of the virus.
• Continue to follow advice from Public Health England, and to go online to if you have symptoms including a persistent cough or fever and you think you may have the virus.
• Wipe down the equipment both before and after your workout, using the spray and wipes provided.

We fully understand that this can be a very stressful time for you and it is really important to stay healthy. Being active helps and physical exercise is essential to maintain your wellbeing, both physical and mental, and it will help strengthen your immune system.

Our operations and policies are under constant review. As the situation evolves and more specific guidance is issued by the Government and Public Health England we will adapt accordingly and advise you of any changes. Please download our new App and enable push notifications and also follow us on Facebook to receive the most up to date information.

We wish you and your loved ones continued good health.

13th March 2020

We wanted to update you about Coronavirus Covid-19 and explain the precautions we are continuing to take to maintain your health and safety at Roko Health Clubs.

Your health is our priority and therefore we will always follow the advice and guidance issued by Public Health England. Specifically, since mid-February:

• Our cleaning teams have been focussing more of their time on high traffic and high touch areas to maintain even greater levels of cleanliness as advised by PHE.
• We have provided sanitiser for our members and colleagues to use in Club and have secured ongoing supplies to continue to do so.
• Disinfectant sprays and wipes/towels have been provided in Club to enable members to clean down equipment both before and after use.
• We have provided our department teams with advice and materials to enable them to maintain greater levels of hygiene and awareness of the situation.
• All Roko colleagues and freelance contractors at the club have been requested to inform us of their travel plans so we can advise on their self-isolation if required so the virus is not brought into the Club.
• We have provided specific guidance on symptoms and hygiene requirements around the club to encourage members to not attend if they are presenting risk to others to minimise potential risks of transfer.

We would ask that you please support us in maintaining a safe and healthy environment:

• When using the club always wipe down equipment before and after use.
• Wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided.
• Use tissues if you need to cough or sneeze and dispose of the tissues as soon as possible in the bins provided.
• The latest guidance is to self-isolate for 7 days if you have a persistent cough or fever.
• If you have recently returned from a trip to a high risk area please do not come to the Club, self-isolate and contact NHS 111.
• If you feel unwell skip your session and as deemed appropriate contact NHS 111.

We are committed to remain safely open so you can enjoy all the facilities as normal and that you have confidence in doing so. 

Please follow us on Facebook and download our new App, enabling push notifications, so we can keep you fully up to date with any actions we are taking as the situation develops or advice changes.

It is really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and we would encourage you to continue to do so at Roko.  Keep well and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Roko Team

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