Chiswick Newsletter March 2018

2nd March 2018 | Chiswick

Manager’s Welcome

Welcome to the March Newsletter. Once again thank you for your loyal membership at the club.

February saw our first free member workshop with our resident expert Dr Josephine Perry. We are excited to say that we are going to continue this partnership and look forward to adding more workshop dates to the calendar throughout the year.

Rachel and the team have had a great first month with us in the spa. If you missed the launch events at the start of the month then do drop in and see one of the team. They have a fantastic offering and will be more than happy to assist with your enquiries.

This month we welcome Aaron to the PT team. He managed to put the management team through their paces this week and comes highly recommended! Viviana will also start on the front desk later this month

With changes coming behind the scenes with our membership system look out for news on an all new App and class booking from late April. More news and detail will be in the April newsletter.

Meet The Manager Session this month will be Friday 23rd of March at 9.30am

Warm regards,

Ben Holden, General Manager

Member Referral

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Fitness News

–  Jack Dillon  Fitness Manager

I really hope you all have persevered through the winter so far and managed to kick start the year as we all intended to? February was a long month for myself, how about you? Training has been slower and nights have been colder. But as we push through into March and the days become longer, spring will be here and with that, our goals and training will change, helping us push harder and faster, achieving more of what we want. So let’s all do it together and help one another out.

Going forwards our Rok-x classes are becoming more and more popular and the gym atmosphere has changed for the better. We want members to train hard and get results so why not encourage yourself to attend one of our classes. Group-x is busy as always with like likes of spinning on Thursday evening with Andy and Hugo’s classes always popular. I would highly recommend you give each class a try once as you never know what you might find out about yourself.

For all of you who feel you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough over these past 2 months, you can always book yourselves in for a free stayfit. session with one of the team. You will also see our top class personal trainers on the gym floor always willing to give you a help in hand. You can book in you free consultation with them anytime, they walk around in the luminous green tops (very hard to miss).

Maintenance on the gym floor is good, no major issues with the kit. Just a few tweaks here and there and we will be great. We are currently in the process of adding bits and bobs each month to our kit as a few things have been going missing. If we could all take care of the kit and put it back were we found it this will create a tidy, safe environment for us all to train in.

With the back end of the 6 nations approaching there will be even more nail biting games to come. Thank you to you all who have stayed in the café to catch the first games; this is crunch time COME ON ENGLAND.!!!

Please know that I am always open to feedback so drop me an email or leave a comment card at reception. I will try to respond asap and will see what we can do about the feedback itself.

Maintenance Update

– Chris Nicolaou Maintenance Manager

Nothing in particular to update members on this month. Day to day maintenance is keeping me busy and the spa pool had its regular deep clean last week. I will be planning to attend to all the issues in the women’s showers and changing area once weve made a date for a change over of the changing rooms. Please keep the feedback coming.


Samia Gomez – Clinic4Sport

Clinic4Sport sports injury clinic can look after you should you need injury treatment, sports massage therapy or help putting a fitness program together to keep you injury free. The Clinic is based on the gym floor and we are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturdays & Sundays 9am to 5pm. Please get in touch and book an appointment online via the website:

Staff Member in Focus

Name: Darrell Harris

What is your job role? Membership Consultant

How long have you been at Roko and what did you do before? 2years, I was a fitness instructor.

Favourite things about your job? I enjoy working with people, particularly the team at Roko and the members here at Roko.

Do you have any hobbies? I enjoy sport , particularly playing and watching football. I love football manager too!

What’s the most interesting fact about you? I play football at a semi pro level, and I’m vegetarian.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you have with you and why? I’d take my laptop – I can’t not play football manager and there would be WiFi and electricity of course!!

Café Terra News

– Eric Fatah, café manager

Eric (café manager) will be running TWO marathons this spring:

8th April  - Paris Marathon – SENSE for deafblind people

22nd April – London Marathon – Great Ormond Street Hospital

He’s running for two wonderful charities which mean a great deal to him and to support one of our member’s children who has been having treatment for a rare, life threatening disease .

PLEASE DONATE whatever you can to encourage Eric to complete both marathons for these two fantastic charities. Target: £4000

For more information go to:

BOUNCE energy protein balls - £17.50 for a box of 12 (usually £2.50each) – available in Coconut & Macadamia; Peanut or Almond.

Rachel Staggs Aesthetics

Now into our second month at Roko and it has been lovely to meet so many of you. If you haven’t been in yet please pop by for a cup of tea and see what we have on offer.

We offer full range of beauty and spa service but in particular we specialise in advanced skincare.

We have some of the latest and advanced non surgical facial treatments available and totally bespoke all of our treatment to ensure that you receive exactly what you need.

At this time of year we could all do with a skin boost after the winter. With the clocks changing at the end of the month we are almost through the worst of it.

Changes in the season are a perfect time to change your skincare - you wouldn’t wear the same clothes in the summer as you do in the winter and your skin should be treated with the same care and attention.

Looking for something to give your skin a lift and boost this month - come and book yourself in for a complimentary skin care assessment and Alift demo (worth 45.00)

Hope to see you soon


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