Chiswick Newsletter June 2019

4th June 2019 | Chiswick

Manager's Message

Welcome to your June newsletter. Hard to believe we are already in the 6th month of this year! I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather.

As you may be aware, we were due to have the second installation of our new Matrix kit in the next month or so. Whilst we will still potentially receive some pieces, the majority will now be with us later in the year. This kit is a brand new range for Matrix, and comes with some state of the art technology, which needs to be in full working order before we install and unfortunately there have been some glitches with this. We will be the only club in Europe to have both the brand new cardio kit and connected strength kit, so this is a huge launch, and we need everything to be 100% ready with this incredible equipment. I have seen this kit and had a go at using the technology, and I can assure you, it is worth waiting for! Thank you for your patience – we will keep everybody updated as soon as we have more information.

Thank you for your understanding with the increased swimming lessons. These will continue until August, at which point we will review the lessons with our provider. Please do let us know if you have any further questions.

As we continue to look for ways to help protect our environment, we would like to kindly request that any unused towels are returned to reception. Please could we also ask that only one towel per person is used – a huge amount of water and cleaning products are used when washing such a large quantity of towels, so we are looking to actively reduce this as much as possible.

We have had many requests for extra classes over the past month – thank you as always for your feedback. We will be reviewing the timetable over the next month, and will take into consideration all class requests and feedback. Please do keep these coming!

And finally, congratulations from us all to everybody who has taken part in any kind of race over the last month – we have triathletes, ironmen and women & marathoners between us, so well done to everybody who took part!

Have a fantastic month, and look forward to seeing many of you back in club soon.

Kati Meagher & the Roko Chiswick team

Member News

Member Offer Continues

If you are outside your initial contracted membership period then you can re-commit for 12 months and get 1 free child membership per adult member.
This offer is available on Full Results memberships only and full terms and conditions can be found in club.

Member Reminder - No Phone Use on Poolside

We would like to remind all parents and guardians that they ask everyone not to use mobile phones either on poolside or in the spectator’s areas.
As part of our commitment to child protection we prohibit the use of all photographic or video recording equipment without prior permission being obtained.
Since almost all mobile phones now include some form of camera we cannot allow mobile phones to be used around the pool, this includes for texting.
If you wish to make a call or send a text please leave the pool area before doing so.
Thanks everyone for your understanding.

PT Spotlight

PERSONAL TRAINER - Aleksandar Dzeletovic
Tel: 07707864006

Exercise alone won’t give you desired results; you’ll need to partner it up with proper nutrition for effective and long term results.
Often people focus on lower numbers on a scale, but it’s not enough to just lose weight, we need to replace it with muscle. Everyone has different body composition, goals etc. so I always keep that in my mind when doing assessments and designing programmes.
My first session/assessment is always free, so you can get taste of what I’m offering.
Send me message/email or ask me on the gym floor.

Strength Training for the over 35's

As many of you know, strength training is the key to getting a lean body, but as we get older we need to approach it differently. We need to pay more attention to how often we train, how many sets, reps and ensure we prioritize recovery.

Multiple sets of low reps work very well for those over 35, as they allow you to focus on the exercise, demand much less on the joints and ligaments and allow you to recover properly between workouts.

It is common for people to lift light weights with high reps when they get older, but they don’t take into consideration the safety and productivity of the exercises.

Multiple sets of lower reps are far safer and are far better at improving your lean body composition.

Once you’re over 35, getting and staying strong should remain an important goal, although you might not be going for world records, building strength well into your fifties and beyond will ensure you preserve and build lean muscle.

When building strength, high risk exercises should be completely avoided, and safe form learnt and practiced on all new exercises.

That might sound like a lot of work, but it works wonders for building strength and lean muscle as you get older without over training.

The best way to get a lean body is to start a sensible strength training routine revolving around the major compound exercises that are safe and productive.

For your free consultation session please email / 07708377413

Clinic 4 Sport

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