Chiswick Newsletter January 2017

4th January 2017 | Chiswick

Manager’s Welcome

Welcome to the New Year at your Roko Club. Often the turn of the year brings a time of reflection and evaluating goals and work/life pattern. For many this includes a determination to build a new fitness regime. So regular or newbie there is something for all this January.

Liz details below the launch of your rokofit. with great opportunities for everyone to have a touch point with one of the team. The Roko Gym Bag is also here for those of you who would like to recommend a friend this January!

I am keen through 2017 to keep an open dialogue with all members and will be running 3 sessions through the month to give you an opportunity to come in and chat through your views on the club. January’s GM forums will be on the following dates:

Tuesday 10th January 10am
Thursday 19th January 7pm
Thursday 26th January 7pm

I hope to catch up at one of these sessions but would reiterate that I am always happy to stop and chat over a coffee in the club whenever convenient.

A Happy New Year!

Ben Holden
General Manager

Member Referral Offer

Fitness News

New to January 2017 is your rokofit.; our new process of welcoming new members to the club and looking after you. 

your rokofit. is formed of gymfit., classfit., swimfit. and stayfit. These sessions are designed to give you a personalised start to your time with us in the areas of the club that are most relevant to you, and also to keep you motivated and engaged throughout the life of your membership.

Our goal for 2017 is to ensure all our members have the support they need regardless of what facilities they use in the club. You can click here to read more or book a rokofit. session.

New Kit

January also sees two new flexstriders being delivered into the fitness suite from the Life Fitness Discovery range. Why not give them a try to add variety to your cardio routine? 

Flexstrider variable-stride trainer 

The FlexStrider Variable-Stride Trainer lets exercisers find the stride that best fits their workout. On the fly, stride length adjustability and biomechanically proven motion makes the FlexStrider Trainer one of the best low-impact, total-body workouts. Three intuitive console choices provide entertainment, workout tracking and detailed product use information.

The flexstrider variable-stride trainer transforms the cardio workout.

Exercisers can:
*Choose a stride
*Pick the intensity level that fits them
*Enjoy a smooth, natural-feeling workout

"There's science behind the smooth motion and the natural feel of the flexstrider trainer. Biomechanics research lead to the creation of an ellipse path that mimics human motion."

"It's like running on clouds."
"It feels like I'm actually running."

Free Weights and Functional Kit

In addition to this we have also ordered some new functional and free weights equipment. 3 new free weights training benches have already arrived (2 adjustable and 1 flat) and we are expecting the arrival of Bulgarian Bags and Vert Balls to enhance your free training experience. New Battle Ropes and Kettle Bells are also on order and we will advise you of their expected delivery date when we get it from the supplier.


The Vertball has been specifically designed for throwing – to a partner or against a wall. Because it’s oversized (with a diameter of 35cm) it works muscles from the feet right up to the hands, and develops coordination, balance acceleration and deceleration.

The Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag encompasses Escape Fitness’ values perfectly – it’s fun, inviting, challenging and delivers real results!

Unique and versatile, the Bulgarian Bag is your perfect partner for a full body workout. Press it, spin it, squat it, lift it – the Bulgarian Bag has various handles to enable a vast range of exercises, including unique side grips to improve grip and forearm strength. This makes it great for one-on-one training, functional group training or as a station in a circuit. It is the ideal aid for high strength explosive exercises.

Group Exercise
The new Group Exercise timetable will be launched from January 3rd 2017.  Please ensure you pick up a copy in club on your next visit.

We look forward to seeing you in the Gym,


The Spa

We hope you survived all the Christmas Festivities, and are settling into the idea of it being 2017! Happy New Year to you and your family.

I don’t need to tell you what a busy time that it has been in the run up to Christmas and a time we all try so hard to put others first. In the process we often forget ourselves and so now is a great time to redress the balance and find a bit of ‘me time’.

With all those New Year resolutions January is always a good time for a detox! Why not try our Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Therapy, Hot Stone Face and Body Sensation or our Aloe Body Toning Wrap to get you feeling fresh for what the new year is to bring.

The Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Therapy is a full body massage designed to relax the mind and balance the chakras – always needed after the busy festive season.

If you like the idea of Hot Stones, the Face and Body Sensation is a back massage using hot stones coupled with an Anti-Aging Booster Facial to really take your stresses away. I would highly recommend our Aloe Body Toning Wrap is great to soften and smooth the skin, improve tone and encourage good circulation – great to take away the sluggish feeling after a lot of great Christmas food!

We will once again be doing our usual January offer of: 50% off the first 50 bookings in January and then 25% off the next 25 bookings.

 Get in quick as once these places are gone, they’re gone!

Our resident alternative therapists are on hand as they have been throughout 2016 - Andrew Greenland, Judit Thom, Clinic4Sport, Bellezza Clinic, Hannah Prentice, Kate Hudson-Hall and Elizabeth Dodgeson. 

King Regards


Alternative Therapists

Samia Gomez – Clinic4Sport

Cordial Greetings from Clinic4Sport and hope you have a healthy and fantastic 2017!

Clinic4Sport is your Sports Injury Clinic at Roko Chiswick Bridge and they are happy to look after you. Treatment possibilities include...
Neck pain
Lower back pain and Sciatica
Knee pain
Shoulder impingement
Ankle Sprain
Repetitive strain injury

Thinking of visiting the slopes this winter? Clinic4Sport can....
Treat you to ensure any possible pre-existing niggles are fully addressed before you hit the slopes by working lower limb strength, stability, balance and core as well as flexibility.

Thinking of a pressie for your loved ones? Clinic4Sport can....
Provide you with Massage Therapy Voucher which available for your loved ones or simply keep them to yourself! 

Simply visit our website HERE  to book an appointment or purchase a gift voucher.

We Look forward to seeing you in the Clinic in the New Year,


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