Chiswick Newsletter April 16

31st March 2016 | Chiswick

Manager's Message

In the 4 weeks since I joined Roko, many members have commented to me how it is another change in management. I hope to have surprised a few people with a different take on things, I even taught the Easter Monday spin class! Yes I am new to Roko but come from a significant background in health and fitness. I still keep my hand in by teaching regular classes and train myself as a competitive athlete. It's not just a job but a passion for me. I hope to speak with plenty of my members in the coming weeks and hear the feedback, good and bad. I am always available in club and can be contacted by email on but do come and say hi and stop for a chat.

My team and I are currently developing a service and standards promise that we will be implementing across the club with a key focus being member satisfaction. I'll be reviewing our current systems and looking at better ways of working and I will be working on ensuring communication and updates on what is going on in the club.

Guest Pass Policy
With all of that in mind one of my first aims will be to resolve the issue surrounding historical guest passes and promises that may or may not have been made by ex members of staff. Whilst I appreciate that there are a number of genuine "deals" that may have been done in the past we are in a position where these deals are untenable.
As a member of the club we of course want you to bring a friend down to train or relax, however it is important that this is done within the rules of the club. It maintains the value of your membership ensuring people are not using the club without paying, it also ensures the security of the club by knowing who is in our club. This also means that any member without a picture on the system will be asked for one over the next few months. We only use the picture as verification of the membership. If you would prefer not to provide a picture then please understand when a member of the team asks for some form of identification on each visit. I wish to ensure the club is secure and you have confidence we know who is in it.
Our guest policy is in effect and as of 1st April all past deals where promises may have been made, and no proof or notes exist, will become void. Any deals where notes are placed on our membership system will expire on 1st May 2016. The guest policy is noted in the club rules and on display in reception and are effective immediately, except during the amnesty period where proof of guest pass notes exist. This means that an appropriate fee will need to be taken along with a sign in of your guest. The only exception to this will be where a physical guest pass is produced.
This is a necessary step to start with a fresh sheet for the reasons I have mentioned already.
I will be looking at our guest pass allocation as part of my plans for the future to ensure we reward our loyal members and passes will no longer be part of the joining process.

In summary, my first month has been very enjoyable and I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. We are looking to change at Roko Chiswick and my team and I are open to your feedback. As a reminder please email me anytime or just ask for me at reception. I am always happy to chat.

Matt Lawrence - General Manager

Back by Popular Demand

Friends & Family Offer

Invite your friends & family to join you at the club this month with a 2 week membership for just £30.
Visit for details or forward this offer to a friend now!

Fitness News

During March the improvements to the fitness suite have continued with repair work on the FitLinxx system on 18th March and the audio-visual week beginning 28th March.  Following the audio-visual repairs we will be continuing these repairs in April when we change any connection ports causing issues with sound and addressing any other issues that arise during this repair work.  You will also see new boxing bags within the boxing ring shortly as a constant improvement to the standards of the equipment with regular engineer call outs to ensure a fully functioning fitness suite.

Hopefully by now you have met Martino, our new Fitness Coach, who is a level 2 instructor with us to develop into a level 3 Personal Trainer.  He has joined the fitness team in March and is here 5 days a week to assist all our members in the fitness suite.

Our fitness class timetable has been reduced over the Easter Period and will return to normal from Monday 4th April.  Please ensure if you love the classes you pick up a copy in club during April and check the cover list for any changes to the normal timetable.

At the end of April we are running another Beginners Pilates workshop, which will be an hour and a half workshop with Vanessa Declercq followed by lunch to provide an open forum for any further questions you might have.  Full details will be in club shortly with booking opening from Monday 4th April.

Liz Jones - Fitness Manager

The Spa

This April, treat yourself to an Elemis Advance Anti-Aging Facial for £70. Or have an Absolute Spa Ritual for £90 – that’s £20 off!

As we are beginning to welcome in Spring, why not top up your colour with a Xen Spray Tan. Come down as a group of 3 or more and receive your spray tan for £15 each any day, anytime, or if you’re on your own, spray tans are £15 on Thursdays after 12pm – usually £25.

Don’t forget about our Alternative Therapists: Osteopath – Andrew, Reflexologist – Judit, Semi-Permanent Make-up Artist – Hannah, Facialists from Bellezza Clinic – Sebastiano and Maria, Alexander Technique Teacher Elizabeth Dodgson and Hypnotherapy Specialist Kate Hudson-Hall.

Lara Chatten – Senior Therapist

Alternative Therapists
Elizabeth Dodgeson – Alexander Technique
Elizabeth Dodgson is an experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique. But what exactly is the Alexander Technique?
One definition is that it is a `Psychophysical re-education of the postural mechanism`. Essentially, that just means that we work with you in a holistic sense. We do not separate mind from body.  Lessons, whilst not involving any manipulation or exercises, do require your active participation. You are not the passive recipient of a treatment. It is an education. The aim is for you to learn and be able to put into practice how to do things differently so that you come back into balance. The Alexander Technique can be applied to your exercise or to your daily routine, it is something you don’t PRACTICE, rather you put it INTO PRACTICE in your everyday life.

For more information or to book lessons with Elizabeth go to, call 0208 994 9527 or pick up a leaflet at the Spa.

Judit Thom - Reflexology
Roko Spa still offers uplifting de-stressing sessions of Reflexology and Indian Head Massage which could prepare you for Spring.
If you would like to have more information please contact our independent therapist Judit Thom on 07810302142 or go to

Andrew Greenland - Osteopath
Could your unexplained health symptoms be caused by food allergies / sensitivities / intolerances?
Have you been suffering with a troublesome skin rash, bloating, irritability, fatigue, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, poor immunity or joint pains?   These are just some of the many symptoms that can be experienced by those with undiagnosed food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances.  However, Dr Andrew Greenland, Roko’s resident medical doctor, functional medicine specialist, naturopath and osteopath now offers a comprehensive allergy testing service to identify any underlying food reactions, and where these are found, guide you back on the path to optimal health and vitality.

Dr Greenland offers consultations at the Spa on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  For further information on services, please see his website:  Telephone: 020 8787 5750 for appointment bookings or enquiries.  Alternatively, you can e-mail the clinic at:

Samia Gomez – Clinic4Sport
Clinic4Sport is your Sports Injury Clinic based at Roko Chiswick Bridge. Clinic4Sport provides a wide range of treatment modalities to help relieve pain, promote relaxation and restore normal function. Exercises prescribed by our therapists may also be used to improve muscle control and strength to support skeletal structures. Please do get in touch and book a free 15 minutes assessment with us: or text/phone 07767 425 182

Kate Hudson-Hall – Hypnosis
Imagine losing your desired weight without dieting.... with our new slimming coach now working in the Spa, Kate Hudson-Hall can help you do just that with her life changing "Imagine Yourself Slim" 6 week weight loss courses, Find out more at

Maria and Sebastiano – Bellezza Clinic
Body Shaping - Treating Fat and Cellulite
Leading scientists in cosmetic medicine discuss the latest treatments for reducing fat and cellulite without surgery.
To achieve the perfect body, diet and exercise seem less appealing, and terms like "fat dissolving" and "skin tightening" now make it easier for weight loss without the risk of surgery. The latest in body contouring technologies are non-invasive procedures that require no surgery, little to no downtime, and no surgical scars. Learn more about transforming your body and removing unwanted fat.
Weight gain, dieting, the trials and tribulations of exercising, it can be difficult getting our bodies looking as good as we'd like. Often diet and exercise leave stubborn love-handles, or fat along the thighs, our belly, and hips. Science has begun developing new and exciting ways to improve the body contour and give our body the shape we desire. Some of the most exciting technologies are non-invasive fat removal methods.
Beyond Liposuction
Liposuction is generally safe and effective but does have major risks associated with it. Depending on the amount of fat being removed, longer recovery times, pain, even death may be potential risks. Liposuction is a major surgery and poses all of the similar risks of surgery. Because of this, scientists and researchers have been developing new, non-invasive fat removal techniques which will offer many of the benefits of liposuction, with less risk. Some of these include laser-assisted liposuction, cryo body contouring or "cryolipo", Carboxytherapy and Lipodissolve Injections.
The science of body contouring is moving very quickly and we try to keep our information as up-to-date as possible.
Here at Bellezza Clinic we will help you achieving the body you desire using the effective and well know techniques Carboxytherapy and Lipodissolve Injections. Contact us to book your consultation at 07753187598 or send an email at

Special discounts for Roko Members.

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