Nottingham Newsletter April 16

1st April 2016 | Nottingham

The fantastic feeling of the morning and evenings getting lighter can only signal one thing…the opening of the outdoor pool on 1st April. We’ve had some work done out there recently in anticipation of the re-opening and hope for a long hot summer where the area can be enjoyed.

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Nottingham Newsletter March 2016

3rd March 2016 | Nottingham

...dare I say I’ve noticed a lot of you with a little bit of a Spring in your step.. is your new year gym routine paying off or have you already got your rest and recovery schedule mastered?! If not then read our article this month for some great tips on how to rest your body properly.

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Nottingham Newsletter February 2016

1st February 2016 | Nottingham

We’re one month into the New Year and many of you have been busy for the last 4 weeks getting on the New Year fitness vibe and making it happen for 2016. As we move into February it’s now time to up it a gear and get it nailed… Helen our director of health and fitness has given us some great tips in this month’s newsletter to help you stay on track.

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Nottingham newsletter - January 2016

29th January 2016 | Nottingham

So, it’s time for "New year, new me"! Well, no, you are always going to be you, BUT don’t worry! With hard work, consistency, dedication and doing a lot of stuff when you really can’t be bothered, you can be a better you!

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