Gillingham March Newsletter

3rd March 2016 | Gillingham

Have you found the measure of your workout? Time and time again members start a program with good intentions but because their challenge level isn’t set right they either feel sore and exhausted afterwards or find it too easy and don’t see results. The key is to tinker with your program to get the most out of it. This is where our fitness instructors can really help. Don’t forget that this process of reviewing is all part of your membership at Roko. If instead you are looking for a more detailed session, where you learn as well as have the best session, try Personal Training.

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Gillingham Newsletter February 2016

1st February 2016 | Gillingham

January is over and as your New Year's resolutions begin to fade try and remember the feelings that made you think of them in the first place. The sense that you could make a new start; that you could change; that your health and fitness could be better! Don't allow the day-to-day drag stop you achieving the changes that you wanted five weeks ago.

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Gillingham newsletter - January 2016

29th January 2016 | Gillingham

Welcome to 2016. You made it! The single biggest obstacle to you looking and feeling healthier is out of the way so now is the time to re-build good habits. Well done to all those people who kept their routines going through December - you have a head start!

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Our New Kit - Advanced, Interactive and Awesome

28th January 2016 | Chiswick | Gillingham | Nottingham | Portsmouth | York

Sometimes people think that gym kit is just gym kit. But until they've tried it, they don't realise what a huge difference GREAT equipment can make to the way they perceive and approach their workout, the way they actually interact with their workout and their motivation to continue working out.

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