Portsmouth Newsletter January 2017

4th January 2017 | Portsmouth

We have made many changes to the club in 2016 to really improve your leisure experience and those changes came as a result of the member Forums that took place when I joined the club in November 2015 and the comment cards received during the year.

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Gillingham Newsletter January '17

4th January 2017 | Gillingham

Whatever goal you may have, whether it be climbing that big hill without getting out breath, losing that last stubborn stone, running a half marathon or training for the Olympics we are here to support you and your goals no matter how big or small... Time for a New Year and a New You!


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Chiswick Newsletter January 2017

4th January 2017 | Chiswick

Welcome to the New Year at your Roko Club. Often the turn of the year brings a time of reflection and evaluating goals and work/life pattern. For many this includes a determination to build a new fitness regime. So regular or newbie there is something for all this January.

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Nottingham Newsletter January 2017

3rd January 2017 | Nottingham

So it’s time for a clean slate and a new start all round. To make the most of the gym refurb and hit your January resolutions hard book your rokofit. session now.

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